Monday, October 28, 2013

What’s the Right Way to Move On?

WHETHER IT’S moving on after divorce, or moving on into another job or career, or even if it’s about moving on from a hurt, habit or hang-up we are stuck in, moving on is the desire of all our hearts. But when is the right time and what is the right way?
Wisdom is the right action taken under the right circumstances for the right reasons.
And wisdom – in this way, to move on in the right way – is what we need. Yes, we need it, if we are to attract a sense of peace about our futures. Nobody really wants the stench of regret to cling over them, affecting significant parts of the journey ahead.
Let us sink our minds into the presence of wisdom so far as ‘moving on’ is concerned.
The ‘What’, the “When”, the “How” and the “Why” of Moving On
Having come to a precipice in the moment of our being – knowing from within ourselves – sensing, in fact – that now is the right time, we begin to explore options, believing we can move on in strength when we truly commit.
Not always will we feel free to move on, however. We remember the negative power of regret – nobody wants to go there for making finalising decisions prematurely and carrying them out.
Wisdom is in the what, the when, the how and the why of moving on.
All these matters need our attention and our diligence – to journey in truth with each matter. We cannot be blessed unless we truly pay homage to the truth. The consequences of life will manifest themselves around us, however we decide to go. We want the consequences of blessing, and no other consequence to adhere to us.
What? We may already have a good sense of that which God is drawing us to; though there may be too many options. Blessed are they who have one clear option; one cogent vision!
When? Only we can know when, but our trusted advisers will guide us and affirm us when it’s the right time.
How? This requires planning, and planning can be fun if we allow ourselves the spirit of exploration. We are creators of our own destinies to a point.
Why? The easiest of questions to answer. The general answer is: life has a flow about it; we need to commend ourselves to the discernment of that flow and to our cooperation in joining God’s will as we flow with the current of the river of life. There is also a specific answer for each of us: seek God for it!
Wisdom is the right action taken under the right circumstances for the right reasons. To travel wisely is to be inevitably blessed.
The most exciting thing about life is the opportunity to move on. Finding the right way to move on is wisdom.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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