Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Magnifying the Experience of Hope

Hope’s to be explored,
And not to be ignored,
As is the human way,
Hope is a light,
When fading is our sight;
With God, “our Hope,” every day.
We experience hope as we experience God. Magnifying the experience of hope is, hence, simply the matter of spending time with God, in the Presence of Him who helps, under the Shelter of the Almighty.
If anyone wise wants anything in this life, it’s to feel at ease with themselves. They wish to magnify that which sets joy apart. They hope for hope. They want what only God can give, and wiser, still, are they when they sense this truth and go truth’s way.
Surely everyone wants hope; but the manifestation of one person’s hope is vastly different to another’s as they imagine it. That’s why it’s the wiser person who seeks the simplicity of hope – with the resplendence of its Power – in the Lord.
The fool hopes in that which cannot satisfy – every external thing. Our hopes – our true hopes – are borne under the breath of the Spirit of God: existing deep within us, through life itself, in others as they relate with us and we with them, and in what I will call “ritual space,” which is that rich layer of spiritual depth found in seeking God devotionally and meditatively.
Seeking God – Seeking Hope – Seeking It In Truth
If we wish to magnify whatever experiences we have of hope we are best seeking a more solemn and integral relationship with the Lord. That is, we toss the world as it is away; not to reject it, but to refute its importance in our lives. Hope – true hope – hope swelling with possibility to blow our minds regarding the goodness and greatness of God – cannot be found in the world’s system. But everything of God is ever present, so hope can be magnified everywhere – when we have sight for it!
Making the most of our lives is about magnifying the experience of hope. We find hope nestled in God, in the midst of life, away from the distractions of the world. We find hope magnified when we draw close to people and situations nestled in God. We find hope under the Shelter of the Almighty, always. It’s all about experience.
Go in hope. Surround your hopes in hope. God is hope, and every search for God is the assurance of hope to be found sometime soon, glittering for joy and full of goodness.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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