Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Four Words To Change Your World

SOME things – eternal things – should be in plain view.
But, because they are not, it needs to be stated:
You Matter To God.
It may not seem to matter, and people may not recognize the small yet significant things you do, but they matter in eternity. The fact is: you matter to God.
What difference should this make to our entire lives? It should communicate this: every basis that gets you down may indeed be a lie, conjured simply to discourage you from stepping by faith through this life that was built to be lived, each moment, by faith.
We were always meant to stride each stride, and decide everything we decide, because of faith. Yes, is the answer. We have been given the key to life. It is faith; especially as it’s in the context of having no assurance that we are doing the right thing otherwise.
Another Truth:
T h e r e   a r e   m a n y   l i e s   a b o u t.
Too many things we take as truths in this life – cultural ‘truths’ – and these things sway our thinking away from eternal things. Even influential Christians are willing and enthusiastic parties to propagating a message of discouragement. They join the secular bandwagon, as if popularity was an important gift direct from the heart of God.
Popularity is not a gift from God.
Popularity is a gift from the world; a gift of no significance.
There is a thing called grace that is completely foreign in this world. It is so foreign that whenever it is manifest it reveals nothing but the glory of God. It is so other-worldly. Grace calls us to believe in her. She is the truth in a camp-setting of lies. Grace never calls us to the popular, but she calls us always to what is true.
Grace is calling you to believe: You Matter To God.
For the small yet significant things you do... you matter. For who you are... you matter.
There is a principle in Psalm 37 that aligns us to eternity: we needn’t worry about what people seem to get away with – or that we seem too often to be behind – because in eternity all things will be switched around. And eternity is right around the corner!
Don’t fret when evil has sway in this life.
Be encouraged when recognition fails to come your way.
For all evil is being swept away in the eternal place, and every true thing is to be recognised!
You may not be noticed for what you do, for what you bring, or for who you are – in your world – but God notices. God knows you matter. And whilst others get ahead and you slink further behind, keep doing what is right. God is blessing you for it. Yes, it is coming! Yes, he is coming!
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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