Monday, September 9, 2013

When Future’s Better Than Past

GOD WANTS US to allow him unveil his will in our hearts as manifest when we present faithfully before him; to know what it is we are to know; to be ready to accept what it is that we are to do; to exemplify the best of Christlike attitudes regarding life – which is outlandishly easy when we let go. All this is about sowing into a brighter, more beautiful, and strangely surreal future that we hoped for, but didn’t dare truly believe in. Plying our faith is the step required of us.
GOD WANTS US to give all of ourselves to him, by way of how we give ourselves to our loved ones, to our friends, to our work colleagues; to life in general. When we give ourselves away as if we had no life or needs of our own, God compels upon us myriad blessing in ways we cannot hope to expect to plan for. These blessings for giving our lives away are endeared to an order of gently quiet multiplicity – which is particularly noticeable as we look back.
GOD WANTS US to believe that the future is better than the past, no matter how significant or memorable our pasts have been. Of course, we have our hopes set on glory in any event if we call Christ the Saviour, Lord and King of our lives. These hopes of a future in eternity are replicated – yet not fully realised yet – in the hope for a worldly finish to the very problems that cast us down today. These problems are already fading as we hope for their resolution.
Hope is propellant for our journeys into our unknown futures. Pursuant of faith that engages with hope to carry us safely over the distance, we strive to hold to the idea that the future will be better. And it will be. Hope girds faith.
There is more to come | more reason for hope and less reason for despair | more of God.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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