Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rock Bottoms and Miracles

Rock bottoms can be good – it’s up to us whether we believe God is all-Provident or not – it’s up to us if we believe or not that God is all-Sovereign – that God is in control of everything and controlling everything. We stand or fall conquered by what we believe or don’t believe.
What sense is there in believing that God is cruel in putting us through ‘unnecessary’ pain? There is no sense in such a belief. It not only takes us against God, but it reduces our lives to misery, for we resent God – and there’s no contentment, ever, in that. There’s no viability in such an attitude.
No, it is right for us to think that pain has a purpose; that there is a divine reason for it. It’s no romantic sadism. We can know that pain has a purpose wherever we respond the right way; whenever we continue to sow in faith, despite the rock bottom experience in the sheerest loneliness, disappointment, and betrayal.
We become vindicated by what comes after the suffering; the ‘children’ of truth is wisdom as it’s revealed. No one and no thing can stand against those who are anointed by God to simply obey. By simple responsive obedience, we allow the miracle to arrive in the fullness of the Spirit’s power.
A Miracle – the Advent of Grace
Any time a miracle happens it’s a sign of a massive portion of grace – as God would release his favour in response to that which might so severely discourage us we would fail for life.
The advent of grace is the gift of God at a time when we have never needed it more.
Grace kicks in, effervescently, when we have been taken too far in our pain; to the point where we would not cope.
Our God of compassion is not slow in revealing his mercy, and it always seems to occur that he has responded already in the corner of our need.
Rock bottoms seem senseless to a world seeking anesthesia for its pain. God, however, has a bigger picture for us through the rock bottom experience; plans for his Providence, Purpose, and Power through a miracle of divine design.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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