Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kingdom Dreams and Their Realities

We see it now, we see it Lord,
These dreams You’ve given us –
Those we’ve adored,
Thank You, You’ve given us dreams to see,
Thank You, You help us,
To let our dreams just be.
Help us now to sow in suit,
As our dreams approach reality,
And we ultimately bear fruit.
May there be great benefit to You,
These dreams gaining traction,
As we faithfully hold true.
Let’s not disparage our dreams – those the Good Lord has given us; that make sense to our minds and hearts. Such passions well up as a spring to overflow, to the multiplicity of blessing, as we remain in the lap of God’s will.
The Purity and Pleasure of Kingdom-Requited Dreams
Oh what a privilege it is to dream – to evoke upon the senses of the heart and mind the perception of creating, the honour of innovating, the swelling of our imaginations, as we get involved in the Lord’s work – here, in our context.
To dream is a privilege. But upon such a privilege of devotion is accorded the weight of duty – to convert what God has given us, as a concept, and to bring it about. And what God can give us as a vision, he can, through us, bring it about.
The pleasure is in the purity.
As we cast forth our vision, enjoying the pleasure it ignites within us, because it is unadulterated by its construction and because it is perfect by its intent, we stay in this locale of the Spirit – to the extension of joy and peace. So, love prevails!
May we be known as dreamers – dreamers of vision, for the extension of the Kingdom, to the glory of God. May our dreams be implicit of God’s will. And, may we step forward in bringing our dreams to reality, in the boldness of the Spirit who is engineering our dreams.
God’s grace is manifest by the dream floated upon a mind surrendered to him who is great, who is worthy, and who has all power to bring the dream to reality. May God be with us and for us as we sow faithfully for the ends of the Kingdom.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.


  1. If I were born today with no concept of failure, what would I attempt to achieve?
    When was the last time I developed a major new life dream? Am I spending time thinking about new dreams?
    What have been my biggest dreams and life goals? How do I continue to nurture and pursue those dreams now?
    Each new day is a chance to dream again the wildest of dreams, and to plan their execution. A time to rethink and regain my refreshing hope in life.


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