Monday, July 1, 2013

Diligent Dreamers – Blessed of All

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
IT IS ENTIRELY conceivable for the dreamer who has diligence to make of the future an accurate representation of their imaginations. They see no limit and they chase the dream unswervingly, and they chase it with such passion, that, along the way, as the dream changes, they adapt to encapsulate the newer visions.
There is a purity in the heart of the dreamer that we have to admire, as we survey their lives having achieved, having believed beyond a ruling doubt that it could be done.
And although many dreamers are burned for the purity their hearts encase, their dreaming method renders them protected from disillusionment in the complete sense. Sure, they will be discouraged as anyone can be discouraged, but they cannot let go of their dreams or their dreaming modus operandi. They are blessed as much as they are burdened by their dream.
The Perfect Match – Dreaming and Diligence
It’s not much good being a dreamer if we don’t match it with diligence. We can’t make anybody a dreamer, so the dreamer is especially blessed with imagination and inner belief that they can do what God has envisioned them to do.
All the dreamer needs is the diligence with which to ply their craft and calling, to define their goal, to map out a path of milestones to reach their goal, and have the courage and faith to keep stepping.
Diligence is one of those caught personal virtues that is lost on the present generation, and in every present generation, for many people either dream too much and don’t do or they complain that their lives aren’t better.
The diligent person who is given to dreams matches passion with commitment. They will achieve great things; perhaps not great things as defined by the world, but great things as God would define them, for God sets objectives that are valued in the kingdom of heaven.
So, if we are dreamers, we are blessed. All we need to do is check ourselves for diligence. Are we doing enough? Are we planning enough? Are we catering for the changes in our lives enough? Are we open to change? Can we see this dream through?
All these questions are questions of faith employed as the rubber of our tyres of our lives hits the road of life.
Dreamers in this life are often ridiculed, but match a dreamer with diligence and there we have someone prepared to implement what their imaginations tell them is possible. Dreams were designed to be put into action, so we should have faith in our dreams and, equally, we should commit to making sure our dreams become reality.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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