Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trusting God’s Confirmation

If we are indeed in communion with the Lord our God, we will quickly have discovered many of God’s confirmations about what we are to do in life, notwithstanding the times when we are confused about the right path.
It seems the biggest problem is knowing God’s will. At times it can seem impossible to discern it. But when we know it, and when we know God’s confirmation, why is it that we doubt? Why is it that we go back and ask God again and again?
Perhaps we don’t like the answer.
Or, maybe it’s the case that we doubt our vigilance to follow through with the will of God. But in this way God will not take us where he knows we cannot go; he equips the called in a just-in-time fashion.
And that is the secret beyond doubt. For, faith will take us anywhere God has destined we go.
Trusting God’s confirmation is both our duty and our privilege. It is our duty because all we must do if we are to please God is discern his will us and develop ways of carrying it out. It is our privilege because we know that, in pleasing God, we have reached the Halcyon Heights of human experience from the eternal viewpoint.
Drawing Deeply into the Vision of God For Us In Our Lives
We know God wants the best for us; but not our best, but his best. This best is a better best than ours.
When we draw deeply into the vision that God has for us in our lives we begin to understand how our hopes and dreams can be achieved, because God wants for us what we usually will want for ourselves, beyond greedy and selfish ambition.
It is up to us to draw deeply into this vision; to ask God to reveal it to us. I believe this is only possible through prayer; a silent sort of prayer where we commune regularly, and with intention, with God.
God will show us and confirm it to us, but then we must trust him, otherwise we will turn about on the initial decision to trust God’s confirmation. Once we have the vision, unless it changes for some divine reason, we must trust and continue our commitment until we reach the goal. This is our task and everyone who obeys is rewarded.
God confirms his will to us with monotonous regularity. Our role is to trust God’s confirmation and to obey it, for this is how God’s Spirit leads us in an uncertain life. Trusting God’s confirmation is surely following the path of redemption, blessing, and reward.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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