Friday, June 14, 2013

BE with GOD

The Spirit said to me once, recently:
Be with God...
In your home, alone, with company, at night asleep or when awake,
At your workplace, in meetings, and in your office,
Whether together with friends or alone or in the company of enemies,
When you drive the highways and byways, the freeways and lonely tracks,
In the depth of confusion or turmoil of conflict,
Attending the emergency room, and the idle doctor’s office waiting room,
In chastised boredom and in pervading fulfilment,
By the pleasantries of breathing—inhaling and exhaling,
When enduring abuse and throughout the hollow expanse of neglect,
Through celebration...
Be with God.
Be with God,
Because God is with us,
In noise and quiet and all volumes of spirit between.
Enjoy God,
Knowing he is present,
Knowing his care is ever more loving than our care is even for ourselves.
Be with God,
Simply be.
No matter what,
Be with God,
Because when we are we know what we’ve got.
God is good in that we can just be...
Yes, as we are, where there is no judgment.
Be with God,
We are who we are, and, in that, so is God who God is.
No disputes and indwelling piracies of enigma,
We be with God and accept,
Life is easier when we be with God.
There is no shred of doubt about this for the believing person: they have equilibrium and wellbeing in the fact of simply being with God.
We love our God for the majestic Divine Presence we experience in the silence—as God waits on us and us on him.
The fact of God upon our experience is an amazing thing; that this entity that breathed life into Creation is making his personal Presence known in our lives, in the moment of our reality, with nothing judged of it. God simply is. God has made a way to share in communion of that moment with us. He bears himself silently as we consider the wonder in the fact.
Think of God operant in the scene of our present moment; this Lord of All is here with us, present as we are present in life. God is. God was. God will be. Always. When we are able to simply be with God we attribute to life what is true.
There is nothing truer than being. It requires no doing, just being.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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