Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best Year Yet

Starting out on a journey with effort enough to try,
The New Year’s arrived and all appears set,
Our plans we pray won’t go awry,
As come what may this is to be the best year yet!
Efforts in the past have left their stain,
Times when we failed for no lack of thought,
This year’s not to be one of such blithering disdain,
Because success is our mark, our focus, our sort.
So we embark, casting off the line,
Watching the wreckage of the year past dimming from view,
Looking ever forward is a positive sign,
As we plough through the waves to destination, “New”.
One day at a time, each goal met, we make inroads on the journey we’ve committed ourselves to. Even when we falter, we’ve committed to looking ever forward. In that is wisdom to not cruel ourselves for a little slip; we go on in a forward direction.
This will be the best year yet.
Best year yet,
That’s the aim,
New bearing we’ve set,
With help in God’s name.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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  1. You are so real and loving...wish there were more men like you...are you single? :P


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