Monday, January 7, 2013

5 Better Ways to T.H.I.N.K.

Thinking is behind both hope and despair, and, we should know, that thinking—our thought—cannot discriminate between the two. It’s up to us how we will think, and what we will program our minds with; for, whatever we immerse our lives in becomes us. Our thinking is responsible for who we are becoming.
The key questions are... What:
1.      are we subjecting ourselves to?
2.      will we subject ourselves to?
Whatever we are subject to informs our thinking, and, in turn, our thinking motivates our actions.
There are five better ways to think as a catalyst to better actions.
1. Take the Mental Moment
A great deal of control over our thinking is maintained by the awareness. Whatever we are aware of in our thinking we may control by the decisions of our wills. We must be able to say “no” and “yes” to ourselves at the appropriate times.
Taking the mental moment is a way to better thinking.
2. Hold The Moment in a Disciplined Way
Harnessing the moment’s knowledge is vital. This truly is Wisdom. In this way of holding the moment in a suitable grasp—holding and containing it just right—we have all the inputs to better thinking.
Information is power; a most necessary power for truth. And with the right information at our grasp our thinking is informed and from there all we need is the will to carry out what our thinking is telling us to do.
3. Initiate God’s Wisdom
A really good question to ask is, “What does God say about this situation/problem/opportunity?”
To initiate God’s wisdom we need to have some knowledge about what God’s thoughts on the matter at hand are. The Word of God provides many answers, but the truth is the Spirit has answers that the Bible, in all its plainness, cannot provide.
A better way of thinking is to be plugged into the Spirit—to be able to discern the spiritual need and action (or inaction) required.
4. Neutralise Foreign Assets of Thought
Foreign assets of thought are those home to the evil one. Many people and many situations act as agents, unknowingly mostly, of the Accuser—his other name is Satan.
We need to neutralise these foreign assets, by diverting our focus back onto the actual moment’s true needs.
We need to be aware of the many very subtle stumbling blocks that are propped up in order that we would fall over them in our thinking.
5. Know the Full Assurance of Hope
When all problems are boiled down to their residual members, there is only one action that wins every time—that is, to continue onward, to keep moving forward, beyond the hopelessness and despair we can otherwise see. We must keep going by thinking positively, or, at least, not negatively.
The full assurance of hope is the prize we receive for never giving up hope.
Our thinking controls our actions, and we are able to live happier, more controlled lives through better thinking. Thinking can give us the power of hope. How we think is our choice. God will help if we ask him.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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