Monday, October 29, 2012

God’s Here, Near, With Me, All Around

God is here,
God is near,
God is with me,
All around,
God you cannot see,
Unless faith to believe is found.
We can see God only by faith. To the uninitiated or the unsaved this may seem ridiculous; that we could see God, and that, by faith. For, what sort of instrument for visibility is faith?
Yet when we consider that the only real hope for life and spiritual abundance and a peace beyond our own understanding is based in a decision to commit to believe in God by faith, we really do see. We see life, for the first time, in the way it is supposed to be lived.
Seeing the Signs of God + Our Faith
Besides the decision to live not by sight but by faith, we can actually see the movement of God in our world, through the slow but steady action of justice, through the regenerative processes in creation, through a thriving human race that cannot but explode in growth, or through the majestic myriad wonder of scientific mystery through a universe much of which we still cannot explain.
There are so many signs of God in our world.
And then when we merge in our faith, in conjunction with the proofs of God that are extant upon our sight, we live by faith and sight. We don’t quibble about a ‘lack of evidence for God’; that would show our enormity of ignorance. A lack of evidence for God is a feeble argument, when we can consider we still have not much of an idea, comparatively, about many things.
But we still come back to faith! How can life be possibly lived any better than by faith? The truth is nothing compares to faith. And faith relies on a knowledge that God is here, with me, all around.
God Here, With Us – Justification for Our Faith
God is Spirit and God is here, with us, eternally, active in all creation, and ever determined to take all creation into glory.
God is here, with us, all around, and no matter what we think these facts remain.
Taking such facts on board means faith is meaningful, and even more than that, never more relevant. Because God is real and relational and relevant and realistic so far as divine interest and interaction is concerned, we approach by faith. Faith is our medium for relationship with the Divine.
The facts of God are justification for our faith. Because God exists and that fact is meaningful to us, we need an appropriate approach. That approach is faith.
Faith is our breath of the Spirit and our very means for life in a world where God is real.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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