Monday, October 22, 2012

Building Upon Our Sense-of-Self

Sense-of-self may be something many people take for granted, but for many more of us, a composed and relatively stable sense-of-self is a meandering journey from within a couple or even a few ‘stable’ bases—some of which compete. But settling on one vision for our sense-of-self may still be possible.
Finding a satisfying and contented sense-of-self is a prospect only achieved in the moment of now.
A stable sense-of-self relies, at least in some degree, upon settling on one vision and working patiently toward it.
Exploring Our Vision-of-Self
Before we can make an assault on bolder claims for ourselves, we have the present opportunity to come into a period of settling; in forms even of our present frustrations. We will hardly be blessed of God if we are continually wavering from pillar to post (see, for instance, James 1:5-8). Learning to be still within our vision-of-self is important. God desires patience of us.
When we explore for our true vision-of-self, a reality never too far away, we are only diligence steps away from commencing that journey. Each step on that track is a step closer on the pilgrimage to fulfilment.
But no one gets anywhere far without a vision-of-self that motivates them to go where God has called them.
The Greatest Gifts of God
The greatest gift from God to our persons, besides the giving of his indwelling Holy Spirit, is the ordered and stable sense-of-self which presents as a peace transcending our understanding.
Aligning to our fundamental sense-of-self is all about, “Being content in, and with, my life, now.” We are allowed our visions, plans, hopes, and dreams, but they are always to be secondary to the vital image of sense-of-self—a totally ‘now’ paradigm.
The greatest gifts of God involve the revelation of God, through the Holy Spirit, in ways that we would feel content within our lives, and able to turn back to God, humbly and happily and habitually, in repentance.
But having a stable sense-of-self is something God can give us, if we ask, and we are prepared to do what we need to do.
Surely this is a gift beyond some people’s wildest dreams. And though a completely stable sense-of-self may be beyond many of us, everyone can enjoy a better sense-of-self when they journey with God.
Faith in God helps us develop our sense-of-self. Being in touch with our passions yet also being content with where we are right now are practical realities God blesses us with. What is required of us? To nurture intimacy with God, and these blessings will be added.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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