Thursday, August 2, 2012

Writing Our Daily Memoir

Life, as we live it, can be likened to writing our memoir, daily.
With each choice and circumstance come decisions we inevitably make. And each action defines our direction and which path we are taking. And wherever we find ourselves is the platform from which we spring for the next day, and season.
We typically view life as less significant than it actually is.
Our lives, each and every one, are significant. We could even argue, from God’s viewpoint, that we are no less nor no more significant than the next person; though history will judge that in relation to the world.
Still, within the patch that has been allotted to us we are history makers.
The Journal That Is One Life
I have kept a daily journal for nearly 20 years. And whilst my use of each annual journal has changed somewhat over those years, as a record for reminiscence, these journals are invaluable to look back on.
But far more superior to a written, photographic, or video journal is the memoir we are writing each moment of our existence.
I am caused to reflect over one of the initial lines in Gladiator (2000), where the main character Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, bellows to his charges, “What we do in life echoes in eternity.”
Our memoir is being written. This memoir is not one written in the language of opinion—ours—no, it is written in the ink of truth by the pen of our historical reality. It is written by the collective reality experienced through all our relationships.
We must surely see the significance. That is not to place undue pressure on us, for we are to take God’s grace true to his Word—our memoir is it and it is not to condemn us.
So far as God is concerned the world begins and ends with us as individuals, but God has 7 billion equivalent concerns. We cannot deny our importance to God, just as we cannot deny anyone else’s importance.
When we consider what God has invested in us—one whole life—in the midst of a whole universe to support that life—we understand reality differently. Size has no limit with God; neither has love.
We are blessed to live this life. It is a life of truth; an inerasable record, once written, of our personal history. But it is never too late to write a new page—whilst we live.
Our lives are as significant as anyone’s. God has reserved a memoir for us—and we, by our actions, write it every day. We are history makers. It is up to us to write a new page each day.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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