Friday, August 31, 2012

Simplify, Focus, Overcome

Finding a way to live the authentic spiritual life—one devoted to Jesus: Saviour, Lord, Healer, Priest, Prophet and King—is difficult. If our life is a prayer, as in continually seeking God regarding guidance on how to live, the Spirit will lead us.
And the Spirit may lead us to simplify, focus, and overcome.
In an often busy life—busier than we often need it to be, because of the vast degrees of distraction in today’s life—we have the opportunity to create efficiencies in our spiritual life that rub off practically, also.
We can simplify. We can focus. Then, we can overcome.
Simplifying life is a masterstroke. This is not about making life simple, but, in appreciating the complexities, it’s distilling them down. When we appreciate that less is more in life we gain more out of it for less worry and bother.
It’s a discipline to simplify the complex; again, not to make things simplistic, but to make them inspiringly practical, to the point of genius. Everyone detects wisdom in simplification. Everyone marvels at the wonder of elegance; elegant simplicity.
Simplifying our lives is getting rid of waste, whilst ensuring we do the important things first. It depends on how self-disciplined we make ourselves to be.
Simplifying our lives requires us to focus. From a scattergun approach we learn to direct our efforts. This way we achieve better results. Focus is the straight path.
As a magnifying glass concentrates the sun’s heat and light energy to burn up combustible material, so our focus can bring great effect and energy into our lives.
We can all focus better: on our goals; on our habits; on our loves; and on our faithfulness to God.
When we have simplified life, and brought sufficient focus to bear, we are poised and ready to overcome. We are never better positioned to make sweeping blows in the good fight of the faith.
To be able to overcome in life is the grandest of all skills. If nothing that came against us could defeat us, interminably speaking, we would truly be a force to be reckoned with. In Jesus’ name, alone, we overcome.
To simplify, focus, and overcome is power for the optimisation of the spiritual life.
If we want to be transformed, and we should be hungry for it, we are best to simplify life, focus our energies, and overcome all themes present in our lives that are against God.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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