Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Ways to R.E.L.A.X.

Anxious times breed anxious awareness, besides the greater unconscious aspects of anxiety. We all suffer from anxiety and we all benefit from relaxing.
1. Re-schedule What’s Not Important or Not Urgent
So much of our stress is self-induced and self-imposed. We choose to do unimportant things at the expense of the important and the urgent. And many times we prioritise the urgent over the important.
If we can be self-disciplined enough to do what we must do first, and carefully avoid activities that waste our time, we create more downtime to relax.
2. Engage in the Contemplative
Prayer is important. It is not just about speaking to God, or listening either. Prayer is engaging in the contemplative. Meditating and reflecting are prayerful activities, because God is speaking to us through our spirits.
When we engage in the contemplative we find a garden, a quiet beach, a starry night. Our minds wander and it is therapy for our souls. God speaks to us more in these moments, when we are free of our interrupting cognitions.
3. Let Go of What Causes Anxiety
This may sound easy, but it’s hard many times. We can identify the signs of our anxiety, yet we can’t always determine the precise source nor do what we need to do about it.
But we can list overt sources. When we let go of what causes anxiety we do it consciously, and we create a habit of relaxing. The more we practice this, the more we master it. And there’s every good reason to do this. We are the benefactors.
4. Allow the Uncontrollables
We cannot control what we cannot control. It sounds like a no-brainer. But much of our anxiety is caused by allowing the uncontrollable elements of life reign over us. It would be more logical to accept the uncontrollable elements, and put them beyond reach of interrupting our equilibrium.
5. X-Ray Vision
When we think of x-ray vision, we get machinations of superheroes in our minds. But the type of x-ray vision I’m talking about is being able to see through situations, to glean the broader perspective. When we have truer perspectives we’ll know the rite of passage for relaxation—that, to have a calm mind is a gift of the Lord.
A relaxed frame of mind is a gift from the Lord to those who are self-disciplined, prayerful, anxiety-ridding, who can accept uncontrollables, and to those who have vision.
Our momentary anxiety is lightened in relaxation; the willingness and learned ability to think and behave in relaxing ways. One moment at a time we can relax and enjoy life more.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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