Friday, October 28, 2011

If You Find Yourself in Peril...

WITH THE FIGHT of your life on your hands—whether imminently drowning or being slowly eaten away—fight your hardest. It may be your last. But, by God’s grace you may get through and live much longer than you ever thought.

The veterans of the great wars fought many days like this, hemmed in and about, their circumstances grim and dire. For their company, and their country, lest their families and very lives, they could not afford to give up.

Though the threat of combat is foreign to so many of us, we are all on-call—at the behest of the human will—to go into warfare at the moment’s trumpet blast.

The Reason to Fight

If it is to be our last fight we have no reason to preserve the body; we use it with every innovation of the mind, every ounce of energy, and every straining sinew we have.

This is perfect reason. If the Lord wishes to call us home it will still occur, but our will must obey the underpinning gallant vanguard for life, which is a gift. Life is, at all times, a gift.

Whether we live or die—in the overall scheme of things—is inconsequential.

If we meet the Lord today, or an imminent tomorrow, because the fight beat us, we gain a crown for it. Likewise, if by God’s grace we’re granted ‘immunity’ from the present scare we will be found faithful in this by the reprieve and later, also, at the proper time—in the future world.

Honouring God, Predecessors’ Legacy and Dignifying Those Following

We have more to fight for than ourselves.

Those who have gone before us more than likely fought. Those coming behind us need an example of the human spirit, indwelt of God’s power, to infuse and focus upon life’s chief goal—to further the contest until God says stop.

It can, and should only, be the Lord who raises the chequered flag; the white flag we stow. Such a God that loves us—he gives us charge over that white flag. There is no shame in using it, and often we have and will do, though perhaps not with indefinite results, but we have within us power for the fight.

God says we should use it—all the power given us.

But, as we are part of the human family, we will waver. We will doubt, and weaken, momentarily withering. Cognisance of the Lord, however, means our minds are refreshed, and the battle can continue with added strength—and just enough.

Grace is sufficient for us, eternally (2 Corinthians 12:9).

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Graphic Credit: Les Henson, For Those In Peril.

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