Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Achievement Unlocked

THE RESONATING IDEA behind achievement is it doesn’t happen overnight. It only happens with successive and seasonal sacrifice, and true adherence to the best of practices. When we sacrifice and do what we need to do, skilfully so, we achieve.

So, opens up the biggest idea of practical living. Achievement is wisdom. It’s about a life glorifying God, which is founded in affirming ourselves through what we achieve.

(Or, are we, instead, denigrating by sitting on the laurels of procrastination?)

Only when we are in achievement’s flow will we find constant affirmation at what we’re doing and what we’ve done—only in achievement is God’s blessing sustaining us.

Why is this important? Simply this; life will frustrate us unless we achieve. It is our purpose to accomplish.

Why Achievement Is Superior

The ongoing threat to achievement is everyday mediocrity as we all know too well. We get lulled into a comfy life that becomes, as we find later, an insidious little hell. This is characterised by the common rut. Once we get in a rut it’s difficult to get out of. Meeting goals is the way out.

It follows that progress in life is a flow, and if we don’t preselect progression, regression is selected by default. Forwards or backwards; there is no neutral in life.

The best news, though, is achievement provides not only medium-to-long-term rewards, but minute rewards, too. There is a law that abides to the indelible flow forward flow of blessing—one day further along the path is one day closer to the miracle of goal realisation.

The Miracle of Goal Realisation

Given the fact we so often miss our goal-marks—usually because of compromise or poor judgment—means when we do achieve our goals, God has blessed our commitment to constant best practice with his power.

We cannot achieve our goals without this Divine power infusion.

Goal realisation is a miracle and this is proved by the way we feel. We can’t help but feel incredible; having achieved such a worthwhile goal we’re positioned even better than we dreamed we would be. Somehow we didn’t know how it would feel. It feels rather surreal—like a miracle has occurred (because it has).

A Miracle within Everyone’s Grasp

Another most beautiful truth so far as achievement is concerned is anyone can achieve meaningful results, for we all have deep and achievable desires.

This is nothing about the dreams we have that are unrealistic—for we all have, and entertain, those. (And they delude us if we dream too much.)

No, this is about the plans to achieve that we’ve put off, even perhaps given up on.

The greatest achievable dream, as Paul put it to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7, is of love (for others), power (for life), and a sound mind (the attainment of self-control)—the awareness and commitment of wise self-discipline (bearing in mind, much self-discipline is taken too far or not far enough).

Balanced self-discipline will, with God’s power, always facilitate the fulfilment of a miracle—the attainment of our goal.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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