Saturday, October 22, 2011

God’s Power and Control of Desire

Our commitment to change—to manage our overblown, damaging desires—is blessed with God’s miraculous power to remove that desire. Was there ever a more practical need to know the Lord of life?

Only by a miracle can a once addictive desire be massaged back to normality; to the point of it no longer controlling us. Fortunate are we; God’s in the business of miracles.

Two Elements Toward Change

God will usually bless the passage of our commitment with the warrant of his indelible, moving touch.

Where we come undone is in either half-hearted or temporary full commitment to which the Lord gives us a taste of his Power, but the realisation of such help is conditional upon our focus.

Power must be experienced. It cannot be believed until such time.

Some might say we need to bring our fifty percent to meet God’s fifty percent for change to occur. It is rather our one hundred percent decisiveness, and not necessarily effort, that blends perfectly with the ever-present power of God to change a life.

Decisiveness is the key, and that level of determined resolve will draw-down the incomprehensible wonder of Power—a phenomenon that cannot be described, and just is.

Resilience Is Blessed

Where people are forgiven for giving up on their goals regarding the control of their desires—many fights of which are comparable to life and death—is such Power seems ambivalent. It seems rare in its manifestation, like we cannot control it. Ae would like more ready access to it.

We need to understand, afresh, God cannot be controlled like that.

A component to our formula for success, previously not mentioned, is faith. Decisiveness is none other than the committed faith to see a ‘project’ through to the goal’s completion. And some goals are never actually completed—like the addiction, where the goal is to maintain the appropriate sobriety.

Faith is another attribute of the person who has tried and tried and tried—with smatterings of success. But, the goal continues to elude them. They remain in torment.

God, for whatever reason, has not healed them, yet.

But... they keep trying, and they keep committing.

The message is good news in this situation as the miracle of God’s power will ultimately make its way into that life, constructing that change... beginning the first day, then one day at a time from there.

Then, all the more glory will be given to God—for it was not by a mere human’s power that the desire was controlled; but by the Lord’s.


If the control of our desire is beyond us, we can plead God for power to remove that desire. Suddenly, our attentions are redirected. Apart from our fervent commitment, that is all that’s required, one day at a time. The Lord’s specialty is healing; we all need it.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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