Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pleasant Enquiries of the Soul

Each soul asks itself: “What sort of little boy or girl am I?” The answer takes a lifetime to continually reveal itself—if the soul is honest. And honesty is a good vehicle to a pleasant relationship—the soul with itself and, essentially, with God.

There is an eternal echo from the child within each of us that seeks court with the being that is now adult. If we cannot be reconciled to the child within, due to the nasty taste that continues to lie there in our pasts, we will perhaps miss the intimacy with ourselves that God wills us to have.

Pleasant enquiries of the soul are enabled when people like you and I grasp our past and present realities with honest hands; we forge a hope-filled and God-willed future.

Pleasant enquiries of the soul are sponsored by God, in that the honesty that fuels the courageous capacity ensures we can both see and create our potential.

Pleasant enquiries of the soul allow a fundamental peace to coexist; we with it, and it with us. We can imagine this peace is the same peace that transcends human understanding. We don’t know why or how, we just know it in faith.

Being home with ourselves is being home with God.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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