Monday, August 22, 2011

The Basic Things Must Be Done First

Whenever issues of time management, or a lack of time, rear their ugly head there is either one of two things that proves problematic. Either we have too much on or we’re not doing the basic things first. Most often the former creates the latter. We try shortcutting the necessary things. Frustration ensues because poor choices are made for extrinsic motivations.

One Thing about Life That Never Changes

Why is it that we fail to learn? We seem destined to make the same errors. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to continue to chase our tails. We can attract blessing by applying what we already know.

One thing about life that never changes is, the basic things must always be done first; this is, initially, a matter of self-discipline.

The more self-disciplined we are in doing the basic things of life, the more satisfaction and fulfilment that’s in store for us.

The linkage between self-discipline and contentment in life is also another thing that never changes. This is just one aspect of the wisdom of God we can rely on. We use the power of self-discipline and we are blessed, or we fail to use it and we are cursed.

The Basics of a Best Foot Forward

Self-discipline is such a basic thing, but it’s still one of the hardest things for us to accomplish. But all self-discipline is, when analysed, is a series of willed decisions, all of which are congruent with preconceived goals of achievement.

A best-foot-forward approach is doing the thing that we know is the right thing to do. If we can do that each and every time—in theory, disregarding occasional lapses, because none of us want to become discipline-crazy—then we are exercising self-discipline. We can achieve anything that we are humanly capable of.

More and more, however, as we begin to explore the theory of being self-disciplined, we will find that it’s the basics we need to do, consistently and well.

Implementing Such Basic Ideas

We understand the theory of self-discipline and still we have trouble implementing it, because it requires us to sacrifice. Most of us Westerners live quite soft lives. We are used to getting our own way. Sacrifice doesn’t come easy.

But it doesn’t have to feel like sacrifice. If we do that basic thing, first, and get it out of the way, the sacrifice rewards us. All it took was a bit of faith to act in the wisdom of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is its own reward. Do the basic things first; then enjoy the elaborate. We must earn the elaborate to enjoy it.

One final note: let’s not get down for early failures of self-discipline. Let self-discipline become a habit, and habit doesn’t become so if we give up before it takes hold.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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