Sunday, August 14, 2011

Merging Worlds So Joy is Everywhere

Our lives are a compendium of several different worlds: home, extended family, work, leisure, and our community roles, etc. Joy is natural in some of these worlds, but hard in others. Joy, however, should be available anytime.

Joy can only be available in each our worlds, in each of our roles, if we believe that it it’s possible, for possibility will open us up to wonder what can be done to extract the components of what is an ‘inside job’ in any event—that is, joy.

If we loath our work, yet we love our family time, there is an attitude within us that simply needs tweaking. Really, we can learn to enjoy any activity, any environment; any situation—in normal world terms—we are placed in.

As far as our learning is concerned, we can merge worlds by borrowing from the reason of our joy in one world to make joy available in another. This is about reflection and a willingness to learn and apply. What makes us feel happy in that better worldview? Replicate the feeling in other places.

Let us not be satisfied with inner dissatisfaction. We can extract the happiness of joy anywhere if we are prepared to work at it. Trust in this: joy is an inside job.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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