Tuesday, September 15, 2009

True and Living Happiness Comes Not From Without But From Within

If I was a fly on the wall of humanity reporting back to some extraterrestrial being on my life’s journey and what my observations and assumptions of life were, I’d say we’re a pretty discontent lot—the human race. We continually seek what we can’t have and never seem to be happy with what we’ve got right there in front of us. We seem inextricably constrained by these things in the realm of this life. But, it need not be like this.

Happiness does not come from without ourselves—other people and other things can never make us happy. This is a very simple fact that will either plague us in our denial of it or it will drive us to exploit it. And never the twain shall meet!

On a recent evening, searching the pantry I was to “comfort eat,” I suddenly realised my lack. I lacked something deep within and I was searching to reclaim it. The problem was I was searching in totally the wrong areas. And it’s worse when we’re not aware of this... no wonder most of us are overweight! It’s a deep spiritual hunger that feasts from without, not within.

How do we address this? This is so simple you’ll be astounded! My faith in God explains it but we don’t even need to believe in God[1] to extract this truth—it’ll work for anyone.

Here it is:

We must simply “sit” with the ache when we have it. We must simply sit with it in truth and let its full impact hit us. There is a very sweet thing that happens right here... right about the time when the full force of our empty reality hits.

We see and accept ourselves, that’s what. We mightn’t like it but we accept it, and acceptance is the key to a real spiritual peace. Don’t be tempted to reject the idea. The power of our own spirituality is a far more cogent force than any of us recognises until we unlock the door and the breeze of spiritual freedom rushes on through.

Joy is not happiness and a good many people know this. Indeed, they live it. Joy is available at all times, even in the midst of what would-be-otherwise stress, anxiety, worry, dis-ease.

Joy here is connected intrinsically with peace—a peace that transcends understanding i.e. we cannot explain the how or the why of this peace—it just “is.” Now, if you ask me, I think it’s the God-thing involved here—I know it personally like millions of others. But, again, you mightn’t be open to that yet. Still, you can have joy from within and that peace that transcends understanding even now.

One thing not to do... stop looking to other people and other things, particularly “toys,” to make you happy. Look within instead. The getting-to-know-yourself step is the best and most important thing anyone can do. Acknowledging and accepting all things that happen to us is a vital step in accepting who we are. There is nothing more to it. Yet, it requires great courage and a simple faith (courage borne from faith).

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

[1] I personally never discovered this until I finally found him.

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  1. Hi mate.i think the process of peace outside of a relationship with the Prince of Peace is like the tides of the sea... a constant coming and going that erodes our ability to pinpoint the meaning of peace as we search for that elusive contentment that peace sais it will give us.Peace outside of Jesus is fleeting.. peace with Jesus can be a constant ....anchored by faith in a loving God...trusting in his unfailing word...that he is able to cause all things to work for good.Even as we deal, and more to the point as he deals..for it was him that said we are his workmanship...and it was him that said he would finish the good work in us...with the issues of life and the uncertainty of the future we can rest in the protection and love of so a sovereign God who cares intimately about us and who loves at the worst of who we are.If our understanding of peace is defined by our perception or worldview that their is no accountability for the way we live our lives and co-exist with other human beings...then how great is that deception for those who choose to trust in peace that only serves to placate the limitations we face from the many things that curtail our ability to live life and to live it more abundantly...
    ThankGod that he delights in being the source of our peace and of our ability to live this life with an abundance of his Spirit thru the grace that is found at the foot of the Cross.
    As Isaih 53 clearly states the chastisement of our peace was laid upon him.Peace personified in the life of Jesus is now willing to walk in our shoes and we are welcome to climb upon his back in the most trying of circumstances and "rest".Simple trust with a Childlike faith in the Prince of Peace, the son of an AWESOME GOD.Marked


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