Sunday, April 15, 2018

For through pain, we heal pain

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

There are many realities that make us feel too much in this life. For every problem there is a solution, and where the problem causes pain we opt for a solution that propounds the pain, unless we enter the pain raw within the problem itself. If we take the courage to enter the pain and not run from it, then we enter Jesus there. His Presence is known when we go to the cross.
But, we hate pain.
Rather would we enter a temporary refuge of escape — and the world is full of routes away from God.
God is met more easily than any of us recognise, but we don’t like to encounter Him, because of what we must travel through. To go there we must traverse deathly places where our existence is challenged and where we must jettison our existential cry. To go there is to lose the ego, the self that chooses comfort.
To enter the pain, and to be there in it, is to heal the pain.
Entering the pain with the spiritual tenacity of enquiry is to meet God in the healing of that pain. Suddenly we’re in the very courts of overcoming. It’s liminal space. The idea is that we repel it. It looks and feels and tastes like death, yet it is the very light of life.
Through pain we heal pain, in Jesus’ name. Pain: we find God there.
Pain is the invitation to feel. To feel is to overcome pain.
In the meantime, feel this…
You may not amount to much
in this world’s grand design
but there’s a world coming
where you’re destined to shine
There’s a place made for you
where success is irrelevant
where everyone has merit
whether or not you’ve been benevolent
Come know the true Jesus
that man of the cross
despised by the world
who’s now heaven’s boss
Though you were made to feel empty
immediately you’ll be made whole
this world’s pain Jesus will heal
He will give you back what it stole

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