Friday, March 2, 2018

FOURTH THOUSAND – 10,000 Reasons

My challenge is to compile 10,000 Reasons for my gratitude to God for His goodness. It commenced on January 22. This fourth thousand spans the days of February 21 to March 2, 2018. My first thousand can be found here. My second thousand can be found here. My third thousand can be found here. Here is my fourth thousand…
21 February 2018

3001.                   That there is the possibility today of discretional time
3002.                   For the opportunity today to pay my speeding fine – yes, 8kph over on Graham Farmer Freeway
3003.                   For the fleeting thought: can I find 6,698 more? Yes I can, and I will – thankful for sight of my fear
3004.                   For the Boundaries books by Cloud & Townsend – the right structure for relationships
3005.                   For the wind swirling outside that reminds me of the forces of nature present in this world God created
3006.                   That at 5:01 AM my wife and son sleep
3007.                   For our shining gift of God – ever thankful for his life
3008.                   For the potential in this room – it doesn’t need to be finished for me to enjoy it; it just needs to be functional
3009.                   That a mosquito reminds me that I share this space
3010.                   For the question, am I really thankful – it’s looking for the light that sees the darkness purged
3011.                   That I expect there will be a call today – Lord, wisdom for that, I ask
3012.                   For the prayer meeting tonight – God’s people united to speak with and listen to Him
3013.                   For the work to do around our home – and the work to be done over the years
3014.                   For the sounds of my son sleeping – signs of life
3015.                   For the incredible design of this human body of mine
3016.                   That my son woke up with dry pants
3017.                   For a full six-hours sleep
3018.                   For the walk to my son’s school as he rode
3019.                   For poise when dust blew into my son’s eye
3020.                   That he regained his poise when the eye cleared
3021.                   For kindly given directions to the bike rack
3022.                   For banter with other parents and my son’s teacher
3023.                   Oh, for a cool summer’s day!
3024.                   For the fact that several kids in my son’s class are getting to know me as parent helper
3025.                   For the prayer I have that my son always feels comfortable with me helping
3026.                   For the additional prayer that God makes me Spirit-aware whenever I interact with every child – that I would always prove worthy of the trust placed in me
3027.                   That I know my son is safe in his school environment
3028.                   For the signs of my vanity – good to be aware!
3029.                   For the email that got me to open a book that had me finding a card from my eldest daughter!
3030.                   For the challenging task of setting up the marble race game after word bingo
3031.                   For further plans for unpacking
3032.                   For the little I have done to unpack today – slowly we are getting there
3033.                   For the insight that I tend to scramble most in busyness when I have free time
3034.                   For the fact I haven’t escaped the planes – they’re overhead here too
3035.                   That there is structure in numbers, but meaning in concepts
3036.                   For the freedom to nap if I want to
3037.                   That I’m making dinner tonight
3038.                   For change that is so new – this time last week we lived functionally in a different area
3039.                   That there are so many options of things to do – freedom or torment – a choice is easy
3040.                   That I sense a new season approaches – the emergence of a specific fruit of the Spirit
3041.                   That this new office space has four walls, not two like I’m used to
3042.                   For the abundance of air blowing on me
3043.                   For an abundance of power points in this room
3044.                   That even though I write what I’m happy to write, I still desire to write better
3045.                   For the fact that these Reasons are not easy, though they are possible
3046.                   For the fact that this life is so big it’s easy to get lost in it
3047.                   For the idea in Townsend that entitlement gives way to law, before law gives way to grace
3048.                   For the fact that the things that work, work for a reason, and it is great when they work
3049.                   That I received my PW train-the-trainer materials today and sign the Agreement
3050.                   For clarity in communications that inspires praise for diligence
3051.                   For complex matters communicated simply, because of diligence
3052.                   For the officious play of my son with his Lego
3053.                   Wow, wow, wow… my son has learned to ride without training wheels, first time!
3054.                   For the fact that I didn’t push him, but suggested he try
3055.                   For the fact he was happy to try to ride his bike without training wheels
3056.                   For my wife’s support regarding a complex spiritual matter
3057.                   That I was welcomed to an important prayer meeting
3058.                   For the spiritual discernment in the gifted
3059.                   For the role Ib played in encouraging my son to ride without training wheels
3060.                   For the pleasant interaction with Ib’s relative who recalled us from earlier in the day
3061.                   For the crosswalk attendant’s reminder to not ride across the road
3062.                   That I discovered there’s a church busy bee on this weekend
3063.                   That at 10:56 PM I feel daunted by the fact I’m only at 63 – this never gets easy, just possible
3064.                   For the embrace I’m about to have with my wife
3065.                   For the strong prayer group at my workplace
3066.                   That I have the pleasure of this distraction – to find thankfulness even in busyness
3067.                   For the fact that there is no panic
3068.                   For the peace that thrives in me, even now
3069.                   For the staff at the roadhouse I frequent – always customer focused
3070.                   That I am often misjudging things, but God has placed wise people all around me
3071.                   That I will overcome, it just might take some time that’s all
3072.                   For the beauty I see in cloud formations – and variants of temperature one minute from the next
3073.                   For the life of Billy Graham (1918 – 2018) who passed away an hour or so ago
3074.                   For the temptation to take the easy route, but the poise to say no
3075.                   For the text message of love I received for the text message I sent
3076.                   For brewed sarsaparilla
3077.                   For the jobs I have to do on doors tomorrow
3078.                   For the purposes I will have when I wake tomorrow – a new day in many ways
3079.                   For a clicky left knee that benefitted from my 2015 arthroscope
3080.                   For the date I have planned with my second daughter in ten days
3081.                   For my second daughter’s placement
3082.                   That my second daughter has a new friend
3083.                   That I unpacked my first box of books today
3084.                   That I have my work clothes sorted out for the morning
3085.                   That the machines at work are now running so well having been serviced
3086.                   That I have devotions sorted for tomorrow – mirroring
3087.                   For what I have seen and experienced in serving God through ministry
3088.                   For the blessings received today at my son’s school
3089.                   For meeting Br. at my son’s school
3090.                   For Ma.’s one-week-old life
3091.                   For the fact that food will keep me awake enough to complete this tonight
3092.                   For what God is doing and is going to do that I have no idea about
3093.                   That one month from tonight I will have graduated with the MDiv
3094.                   For the truth encased in this week’s message
3095.                   For the blessings that abound in being a chaplain
3096.                   Nearing 100 for the day and it’s not even midnight yet
3097.                   For the confidence my son has when he’s on wheels
3098.                   That I recalled 13 of the 20 names of people in my son’s class – for his birthday party – only 7 to remember
3099.                   For the fast start my son has made to his first year of mandatory school
3100.                   That I recognise I have some gifts but not all of them
3101.                   For the balance God can give when we ask Him for it
3102.                   Lastly, the desire for less – yes, less is more

22 February 2018

3103.                   That today is a day I’ve been waiting for
3104.                   For a job that seems complete before I started
3105.                   Sounds of hustle and bustle but within peace
3106.                   For signs of tiredness that remind me of what I need later today
3107.                   For a visit to the park to see my son ride on two wheels
3108.                   For the children, past, present and future, who are educated at this school
3109.                   For God’s grace as He has surely gone before me
3110.                   That this is a clean and ordered space
3111.                   For the nutritious food I have for lunch
3112.                   For the job before me now
3113.                   That there seems to be a peaceful presence about this place today
3114.                   That there is time to plan
3115.                   For the fact I am here in this day
3116.                   This time last week! It was all about to happen
3117.                   For the fact I am content how things are
3118.                   For the abundance of tooling and God.s Presence in this shed
3119.                   That I don’t hanker for change in any way
3120.                   For the value of vision for sight
3121.                   For knowledge of things about to go wrong before time
3122.                   For the grace holding me aloft
3123.                   That in life these are the minutes and seconds
3124.                   The sounds of birds doing what birds have always done
3125.                   For the trust placed in me as I work with children
3126.                   That I got to speak with my son this morning
3127.                   For the engagement enjoyed in the Year 6 and Year 4 classes as I spoke on conflict
3128.                   For the praise and worship in the Year 6 class
3129.                   For the standards upheld in the school
3130.                   That planning is already in full swing for the upcoming camp
3131.                   For the diligence of duty teachers
3132.                   For teachers on DOTT
3133.                   For the interaction between parents and teachers
3134.                   That I would always have a role protecting the vulnerable
3135.                   The prayer that I would never take the vulnerable for granted
3136.                   For those times when the right thing is in the right place
3137.                   That I am here for such a time as this
3138.                   That life and death are mysteries
3139.                   That I have a private place to yawn
3140.                   For my approachability
3141.                   For the value I place in all human life; in all life
3142.                   For the new diet regime
3143.                   For humour in fellow work colleagues
3144.                   For students that don’t seem to fit in
3145.                   For the expressiveness of language
3146.                   That feelings are best both explored and contained
3147.                   For storage devices that facilitate wise use of space
3148.                   For memory of a young woman’s life who departed earth too soon
3149.                   For the fragility of life
3150.                   For those staff in the team meeting now
3151.                   For my mother and father and all they sacrificed for me
3152.                   That family mean the utmost to me
3153.                   For the feelings I get when I think I’ve failed; all feelings belong
3154.                   For anyone who has the courage to be honest
3155.                   For the opportunity to see the old house for the last time
3156.                   That I experienced the sense that this area isn’t home any more
3157.                   That I stayed awake on the road though I did feel tired
3158.                   That driving into my new area I do get a sense I’m home
3159.                   For our quiet, neighbourly street
3160.                   That the neighbours appear very approachable
3161.                   For my poise when I got home, tired, lots to bring in, son ready for the park
3162.                   For my son’s prowess on his bike
3163.                   Meeting Da. and his mother, Yv., Chr. and his partner and child, and later, Sa.
3164.                   For another delicious dinner prepared for by my wife
3165.                   For the weeds that will disappear pretty soon where I park my car
3166.                   For a united front in disciplining our son – reworking consequences
3167.                   That I stayed in control when executing the discipline
3168.                   For quiet in the house at 7:19 PM
3169.                   For the opportunity to take some time to shower
3170.                   For the discretionary time I have tonight, though as always there’s a lot to do
3171.                   For the privilege of praying for a staff member who is having a baby within days
3172.                   That I was able to encourage this person
3173.                   For the prayer meeting we just had in our home
3174.                   For the heart of a woman of God who sought to reconcile a matter
3175.                   That there was openness and love shared in the encounter
3176.                   For the verbal wrestle necessary in reconciling matters
3177.                   That we are not in this alone
3178.                   That I’m getting my head around the numbers leading up to 100
3179.                   For the time and space to work
3180.                   For the patience that does not run ahead
3181.                   For the constant offers of help we receive from particular persons
3182.                   For the integrity within the leadership at our church
3183.                   That the level of love and acceptance we enjoy is sweet for the soul
3184.                   For the acknowledgement of a certain staff member today
3185.                   For the banter enjoyed at the staff table today
3186.                   That I am unable to give up
3187.                   For the steady stream of days that I’ve been grateful, patience, humble (feels funny to say it)
3188.                   For the radio chat tomorrow on a favourite topic – entitlement
3189.                   That there are jobs I can do at the church busy bee
3190.                   For the phone call with my eldest daughter just now
3191.                   For the prayer I have to have the time I need
3192.                   For our new neighbour two doors down and her gracious invitation
3193.                   For prayers I covet for the parents of the lady who used to live here
3194.                   For the freedom and peace I enjoy in this country
3195.                   For the beauty I see every day
3196.                   That we pray for a good morning riding to school tomorrow
3197.                   For the thoughts of having a coffee tomorrow with a colleague
3198.                   For intimacy on many levels
3199.                   For the freedom in the day tomorrow
3200.                   For fears that spark change

23 February 2018

3201.                   That I woke up
3202.                   That I am satisfied that I am limited
3203.                   That I have work
3204.                   For family who love me
3205.                   For this roof over our heads
3206.                   For clean floors
3207.                   For food in the refrigerator and pantry
3208.                   For the education I have received
3209.                   For the needs God meets
3210.                   That I have a gift to care
3211.                   That my interest in and concern for others comes naturally
3212.                   That I have time to do the things I’m purposed to do
3213.                   That I can contain my frustration
3214.                   And even when I get frustrated, I can alleviate the stress, slow down and think
3215.                   For my son’s capacity to play
3216.                   For the space that says, STOP
3217.                   For the fact that my wife and I, we are a team
3218.                   That my son will ride to school today on two wheels, not four
3219.                   For those chickens I haven’t heard before – a noise I must get used to
3220.                   For the challenges ahead today – the mental challenge
3221.                   For awareness I get from God that through busyness I’m under spiritual attack
3222.                   For the expertise shared with me just now
3223.                   For the desire in a fellow minister to meet and share time
3224.                   For intimacy that can grow when two people desire more – and there’s nothing sexual about it!
3225.                   That God gave me feelings for a reason
3226.                   For the spiritual downloads I get
3227.                   That when I find out something I previously did not know, God makes me feel alive
3228.                   For the revelation that the work ahead is not to be feared; it is to be embraced
3229.                   For what is all-things-ours – don’t know the fullness of what this means, but thankful for it
3230.                   For the school siren I just heard – I imagine my son going back to his class
3231.                   For God’s infinite patience with me
3232.                   For the revelation I received to advance and not retreat – even when under attack
3233.                   For the strength I get even (especially even) when I’m weak
3234.                   For the energy to push when my mind is saying pull out
3235.                   For the belief in me that refuses to give up
3236.                   For the courage I have, especially when I’m busy, to stop and rest
3237.                   That God reminds me that I have the passion to continue
3238.                   That God reminds me of what He adds to my passion to help me achieve His will
3239.                   That I got an important bill paid before its due date
3240.                   That God is with me, not against me
3241.                   For knowledge of how distracted I get at times
3242.                   For the awareness and power to refocus
3243.                   That I can dress myself – some people physically cannot
3244.                   That I have managed to do a job I promised my wife I would do – on the day I promised I’d do it
3245.                   That I learned something in my frustration
3246.                   That the pre-recorded radio slot on entitlement went well
3247.                   That someone who needs support got it when they reached out to me
3248.                   That this moment on I can choose to be positive – I can turn from negativity anytime
3249.                   For the fact that I can make the most of every moment as I choose
3250.                   For the sun shining when elsewhere it is raining
3251.                   For small group ministry – the value of group intimacy
3252.                   For the service of my ministry colleagues
3253.                   For the time we had at the park straight after school
3254.                   Though today has been a testing day, I am grateful for the reminder to stay focused
3255.                   For the fact that despite my son’s temper tantrum he settled down enough for us to talk
3256.                   That I have the privilege of cooking dinner tonight
3257.                   That my son rides on two wheels like a gun now – only two days after the training wheels came off
3258.                   For the fact that Jesus has already won the victory
3259.                   That even as I struggle to find things to be grateful for, my commitment is unwavering
3260.                   That I’m surrounded by precious possessions
3261.                   For the keys I hold that remind me of the trust placed in me every day
3262.                   For the power boards I found with ease
3263.                   That I am looking forward to preaching on Sunday
3264.                   For the opportunities to revise what I will say
3265.                   That in meeting a ministry colleague this morning we get to share our experiences with each other
3266.                   For being connected with some very old friends
3267.                  I am grateful for the social media ‘career’ I’ve had – which I now turn my back on
3268.                   For the fact that God has reminded me I don’t know as much as I think I do
3269.                   For confirmation that I get beyond God frequently and that isn’t good enough
3270.                   For the truth that sets me free of the bondage I have to myself
3271.                   That God wishes to use me?!?!?! It defies my own rationality
3272.                   For the interaction from an ex-relative about a blast from the past
3273.                   For the chance my wife has to finally relax
3274.                   For the return of reason
3275.                   For transgressions that are forgiven
3276.                   For getting back on the horse
3277.                   That tomorrow will be a new and perhaps better day
3278.                   For sweet sounds of a voice that can sing
3279.                   For the tenacity to keep stepping
3280.                   For the comfort of resting in bed tonight
3281.                   For the blessed initial interaction with Ky. and Ri. today
3282.                   That we will have the opportunity to care for our son’s classroom mice in Week 8
3283.                   That I unpacked about six book boxes today and fitted several shelves
3284.                   That God reminded me of my limitations today
3285.                   For the fact that I’m nearly one third through this exercise
3286.                   For the fact that probably nobody expects me to finish these 10,000 Reasons
3287.                   For the fact that God believes I can finish strong
3288.                   That I can possibly reform my diet and eat thankfully
3289.                   That even though today was rough, even in its roughness there was reason to be thankful
3290.                   For the communication wisdom of Tim Pollard
3291.                   For the wisdom that is contained within a moment
3292.                   That there is wisdom around knowing peoples’ capacity
3293.                   For the fact that God does not demand I do this exercise
3294.                   That I undertake this exercise in faith that I’ll finish
3295.                   For the value of humour in the way that I am funny
3296.                   For thought of possibly contributing to the school camp in May
3297.                   For the wisdom of connectivity
3298.                   That artificial breezes are as good as natural ones if you need a breeze
3299.                   For the fact of paradoxes – the audience is the centre of attention
3300.                   That it’s not about me – it’s all about them

24 February 2018

3301.                   For the distinct feel of a fresh morning after a down-day yesterday
3302.                   For the sight I saw at the service station – a blown Chevy
3303.                   That we have money in our bank account
3304.                   For the money in my wallet that gives me options
3305.                   For the temperature and breeze on this day
3306.                   That I could pray for the fire appliances and those affected by fire heading up the hill
3307.                   For the busy bee
3308.                   That again we have plenty of help – just the right sort
3309.                   For the tools we have available to us to do the job
3310.                   For the right fuel that I drove home to get
3311.                   For the correct protective equipment to keep us safe
3312.                   That I could do a job that others cannot do
3313.                   For the fact the job was done and done well
3314.                   For the Vegemite sandwich in front of me
3315.                   That our living area is taking shape
3316.                   For plans to drill holes in the walls
3317.                   For the afternoon tea we’re invited to attend
3318.                   For the fact there was nothing controversial brought up in a particular conversation
3319.                   For banter and humour with the other workers
3320.                   For the marvellous morning tea supplied
3321.                   For clarification on the Jesus: the Game Changer series
3322.                   For the hospitality of a neighbour who hosted us for afternoon tea
3323.                   That we were able to develop an affinity with our neighbour
3324.                   For the blessings in being the incumbent in this house
3325.                   For the pain experienced by our son for the consequences of his action – it can only teach him
3326.                   For the ability for us to get back to our place so my wife’s allergy could settle down
3327.                   That we can connect with others through our neighbour
3328.                   For the host our neighbour is
3329.                   That we were welcomed into her home
3330.                   That we can connect with the area’s history through our neighbour
3331.                   That we can connect with the previous owner of our home’s family
3332.                   For growing relationships with people in our street and neighbourhood
3333.                   For time that we can spend at home on a Saturday afternoon
3334.                   For children’s television which is educational
3335.                   That this work area is slowly taking shape
3336.                   For the feeling of seclusion in my new study
3337.                   That my sense of purpose has returned today – after it disappeared yesterday
3338.                   That I’m over one-third through this 10,000 Reasons challenge
3339.                   For the rich legacy of a mind sown into God
3340.                   For the simple fact of thought production when I’m busy working
3341.                   That I have done the equivalent of 60 university level units of study – nearly the equivalent of ten years fulltime load
3342.                   For the phone and case that I have – all ID and cards to make my life work, all in my pocket
3343.                   For that gentle hum of air-conditioning
3344.                   For the very fact that I was passed up for three pastoral positions over twelve months
3345.                   That doors have been continually slammed shut – God’s confirmation He has something definite in my future
3346.                   For the idea that God is behind every open and closed door
3347.                   For times when there is a lack of recognition – because God’s recognition is all the more resounding
3348.                   For the empathy we can give our son when he is physically hurt
3349.                   That I can hang in there in lean times, for the bounty comes eventually
3350.                   That nothing stands still – change is inherent in life
3351.                   For the mind’s ability to search for meaning in anxiety
3352.                   For the social media platforms we probably wanted all our lives and now we have them
3353.                   That there is the knowledge of awareness of narcissism in inappropriate use of social media
3354.                   That God reveals His eternal truth to us when we seek Him in our pain
3355.                   For a stomach full of nutritious food
3356.                   For a drive down memory lane
3357.                   That my wife was touched by memories of over 25 years ago
3358.                   That we can travel on roads we last travelled on decades ago and wonder what it was like back then
3359.                   For bedtime stories that inspire, educate and motivate
3360.                   For the return of confiscated toys
3361.                   That sickness can be a good way to cleanse the body
3362.                   That many problems are solved the same way – one problem at a time
3363.                   For the knowledge that competing goals causes conflict
3364.                   That wisdom is in the resolution of conflict
3365.                   For the curious freedom involved in the browsing my wife is presently doing
3366.                   That there is no answer in life until we find it
3367.                   That truth is so winsome, and how good is God that there is so much truth
3368.                   For the grace in God – simple yet infinitely powerful
3369.                   For the winsome nature in the commitment to smile
3370.                   That I have so much discretionary power in my life
3371.                   For that state of mood that says, Resurrection!
3372.                   For the forgiveness of God in my lack of resolve
3373.                   For the insight I have into conflict that can help others
3374.                   That I have condensed my message for tomorrow
3375.                   For the excitement I feel in sharing God’s Word
3376.                   For the contact I will have with my mother and father tomorrow – by phone
3377.                   For randomly picking up a 1993 diary – when my 25-year-old daughter was just one
3378.                   That I have the Christmas bag I had when I was a child in my possession
3379.                   That I made time for personal hygiene tasks and work clothes ironing
3380.                   For the fact I took the time to write My Life: The First Thirty Years in 1999
3381.                   That in taking a look at it I have a trip down memory lane every time
3382.                   For the benefit of years – the older I get, the more I have to look back on
3383.                   For the fact that I’m no longer a 15-year-old plumber’s assistant
3384.                   For the courage I had in my younger years to put up with what I did
3385.                   That I endured frequent iterations of harassment during my 1984 – 1988 apprenticeship
3386.                   For the anticipation I feel in preparing to be thankful
3387.                   That I will die one day, and all the life I’ve lived will contain some legacy
3388.                   That I have remembrances of Nathanael Marcus all around me
3389.                   For my memories as a cricketer, playing my first senior ‘A’ Grade match
3390.                   For a text message out of the blue
3391.                   That I can give my son his bike back tomorrow
3392.                   For the time we will have riding tomorrow before church
3393.                   For apples of gold in settings of silver
3394.                   That I love being prepared
3395.                   For the investment I’m making in developing as a communicator
3396.                   For the wisdom of rehearsal
3397.                   For each of my daughters
3398.                   For this wisdom about rehearsal: “when you’re sick of it you’re nearly done, when it’s boringly easy, you’re done.” Tim Pollard
3399.                   For the matters of delivery – that I can and do succeed when I prepare well
3400.                   That very few people expect me to be perfect

25 February 2018

3401.                   Whenever our son runs into our room at 7 AM in the morning
3402.                   For the imaginary games our son plays – like the rolling rock that chases him
3403.                   Listening to my son count without him really being aware of it
3404.                   That my wife can have a sleep-in today
3405.                   That there is value placed on autonomy and togetherness in our household
3406.                   For the prospect of preaching today
3407.                   For the prospect of mixing with others at church
3408.                   For the prayers I have for a good AGM today
3409.                   For the connection I have with a ministry I really believe in
3410.                   For the parsley growing outside my window
3411.                   For the text at 7:03 AM from my principal – love serving him and the school
3412.                   For the play my son is now engaged in – cars and keys – his ‘creation’
3413.                   That I am blessed – no matter what happens, I am blessed
3414.                   For the air in my lungs – the respiration to breathe
3415.                   That I have not gotten behind yet today – but it is only early
3416.                   Truly, for our house, our new neighbourhood, our son’s school
3417.                   Even for the neighbour’s chicken that is clucking right now
3418.                   For the soreness in my biceps from one set of curls
3419.                   For the exercise I’ll do tomorrow
3420.                   That I will now do something so common that I should never take for granted – have breakfast with my son
3421.                   For the shower that is always freely available to me and my family
3422.                   For the minutes available to me right now – let’s call them thirteen
3423.                   For the wisdom in options – to give anyone a choice is only fair
3424.                   For the Holy Bible – all of it
3425.                   For the picture I see now of my youngest daughter, which reminds me of my four children
3426.                   For all the many books I have, which have their own wisdom
3427.                   For the drive I’m about to undertake to go to church
3428.                   For the sound of my wife’s sneezes
3429.                   Wow, it’s 8:14 PM and what a day of experiences! Weary, though thankful
3430.                   That my son and I travelled together to church and chatted on the way
3431.                   We arrived there safely
3432.                   There were a few new people there today
3433.                   That soon I will be completed on this challenge…
3434.                   For the chat with a lady who always needs contact
3435.                   For the carer who accompanied a congregant with special needs
3436.                   Wow, I sense a conspiring on its way – thankful for it though
3437.                   For the message I preached today – nothing like my best, but I’m learning to be better prepared
3438.                   For the Bible verses spoken today (Ps 146 and Isaiah 2)
3439.                   For standing in the gap, again
3440.                   For the fact that God says, ‘See Steve, gratitude is not as easy as it looks’
3441.                   For the honesty that says this busyness is not good, but I can be thankful
3442.                   That I’m astounded that I can continue with the 100 hundreds – these 10,000 Reasons
3443.                   For the challenge we received today in our parenting
3444.                   For the prayer meeting with elders today – healthy discussions too
3445.                   That I could change out of my preaching clothes into my working clothes before I left church
3446.                   For the vote of thanks I received today from the Treasurer
3447.                   That there are so many hard-working stewards of our church
3448.                   That the first person my wife wants to talk to when she’s in tears is me
3449.                   For my son’s response, though he had misbehaved, to soften and apologise to his mother
3450.                   That I have plenty left in the tank at 9:15 PM
3451.                   That my principal inspires my service as we work together on Sundays cleaning up the school
3452.                   For the safe arrival of our Physical Education teacher’s baby!
3453.                   For the news of our pastor’s son who has been given the all-clear to compete
3454.                   For the insight in our pastor to ask someone different to pray to close a meeting
3455.                   For the thought of doing more work with the homeless
3456.                   The embrace I got from our Treasurer
3457.                   For the banter had with the boys over mechanical trade stories
3458.                   For my wife’s hard work and never-say-die approach
3459.                   That our first week in our new house sees things settle down a little this week
3460.                   That we survived last week
3461.                   For the help of my wife’s parents
3462.                   For the opportunity to talk to my mother today
3463.                   That my father is doing better than expected
3464.                   For the prayer I have that a certain Aunt will be able to make it next weekend
3465.                   For the opportunity to forgive a family member today
3466.                   That my son and I ride to school tomorrow
3467.                   For the pictures I saw of today’s wild sky
3468.                   For the confidence that rises on the wings of hard work
3469.                   That my son got a chance to redeem himself today
3470.                   That my wife and I got an opportunity to review our parenting today
3471.                   For the thoughts I have for my daughters right now
3472.                   For the time and space I’ll have tomorrow
3473.                   For the half dozen boxes of books I unpacked tonight
3474.                   For the hope that I’ll find the missing books soon
3475.                   That I had the chance to improve the way the school looks
3476.                   For the three installation/repair jobs I did in quick time
3477.                   For the catharsis in writing a fresh article
3478.                   For the humour a husband can share with a wife and vice versa
3479.                   That I found my teddy bear, Michael
3480.                   That my miniature medal set reminds me of the campaigns my paternal grandfather fought in
3481.                   For the fact I still haven’t written the perfect article yet
3482.                   For the Nathanael trinkets that I found in a box unpacked
3483.                   For another two boxes unpacked
3484.                   That time works like any budget – the seconds don’t balance
3485.                   For the sound of crickets – and that’s all
3486.                   For my choice of what to hang on the wall ahead of me
3487.                   For tired eyes as a testimony of much work done
3488.                   For the moments tonight when I read to my intent son
3489.                   For the positive moments on a bleak day for us parents
3490.                   For the times when our son resisted – we learned what he is learning
3491.                   For the scales of justice – that they are supposed to balance
3492.                   That my prayers for a man in chronic pain continue
3493.                   That one infection is dealt with in a woman I know
3494.                   For the opportunity to plan my PeaceWise presentation
3495.                   That notwithstanding the frustrations, I do lead a blessed life
3496.                   For the opportunity to promote our sermon series on social media
3497.                   For messages from people I feel reluctant to answer, but them I answer them anyway
3498.                   For our eleventh year of marriage
3499.                   For the randomness of thought – how could we ever be rightly judged about them?
3500.                   The fact of my love

26 February 2018

3501.                   That I wake with a sense of epiphany: gratitude is nothing more than a choice to look for it
3502.                   For the poise to respond appropriately to those playing ‘victim’
3503.                   For the instances where I thought we might lose control of the moment, but praise God, we got there each time
3504.                   For the pleasure of riding my bike to school with my son
3505.                   For the interaction with the crossing guard
3506.                   To see the power another responsible adult has over my son regarding discipline
3507.                   How Mrs Ma. handled the instruction of children learning sight words
3508.                   To see my son’s baby photo displayed with all the other kids’ baby photos
3509.                   The pigeons in the background cooing
3510.                   That my heart craves rapport with the community – I genuinely wish to reach out
3511.                   For God’s covering over me as I build relationships with the community
3512.                   For Ms B’s approach with the children and how much she cares for animals and environment
3513.                   For a cool, overcast day
3514.                   For the peace and quiet that pervades this place right now
3515.                   For these quiet Mondays and Fridays – Lord, how long will they last?
3516.                   For the lessons in humility that burgeon every single day
3517.                   For the prayer that says, ‘How will I deal with the person manipulating me?’
3518.                   Remembering the confounding juxtaposition in Proverbs 26:4-5
3519.                   For the resolve, I shall get ahead today, and stay ahead
3520.                   For time to make an appointment
3521.                   For the regularity with which God speaks
3522.                   That a church we were being considered for has found their pastor – thank God
3523.                   For the other pastoral appointments I could see that had been made
3524.                   That I had the privilege of pushing a shopping trolley back to the shops it came from
3525.                   That I could send a note of thanks and encouragement to someone
3526.                   For the sound and steady me
3527.                   For the coffee with a ministry colleague – where the hearts align for mission
3528.                   That brilliant realisation that I’m free of certain encumbrances
3529.                   For the courage to be still
3530.                   That I have awareness in me of what needs to be done right now
3531.                   That right now my son is learning something
3532.                   That I can look at what I didn’t like done to me and find a sense of appreciation
3533.                   For the romantic endeavours of a couple who have not yet committed to each other
3534.                   That every magnificent journey is a series of steps
3535.                   That I’m aware of how easily I can magnify the negative
3536.                   For the choice to contort my negative thoughts and bring the positive into the light
3537.                   For two dear women, one in the USA and one in NZ, who support each other
3538.                   For the grace God has bestowed in my life
3539.                   For the affirmation by a ministry colleague that he sees in me 70% pastor, 30% prophet
3540.                   For the mangoes and figs I received for free today
3541.                   For the ideas I can get that anyone can get
3542.                   That I can wish a person well in their endeavours
3543.                   That I have a prayer to be a person of presence in every community I’m part of
3544.                   That there is hope, always
3545.                   For the encouragement we are to others when we fail
3546.                   For the cool air breeze
3547.                   For the printing press and all the books that have been written and printed
3548.                   That I am a published author too
3549.                   For the chance happenings that occur without me expecting them
3550.                   For the noises around this house that remind me of a spirit world that I cannot see
3551.                   For the fly when it rests
3552.                   That there is beauty all around me when I stop to look, listen, and learn
3553.                   For the memories in a photo taken of us when we were first married
3554.                   For the losses I have incurred, and how the Lord has held me
3555.                   For the social media world that connects us all
3556.                   That technology is not there to hinder our lives but to help
3557.                   For the Bible commentaries that I own
3558.                   For the elegant silver cross pin my wife got for me
3559.                   For the fact that we are often reminded, it is a small world
3560.                   For the sounds of an operating clothes washing machine
3561.                   That I can multitask – which for me is to manage four things, one thing as a time
3562.                   That I did a good job on a testimony
3563.                   For the character I bring to presenting
3564.                   That there is much wisdom in what other minds bring
3565.                   For the chance I take in engaging with someone with a ‘reputation’ – good being brave
3566.                   For a key knowledge when imparted
3567.                   For the power of words spoken with poise and authority
3568.                   That my wife’s birthday is in two days
3569.                   For the coffee room voice of annunciation
3570.                   For the teddy bear my wife gave me many years ago to remind me to be gentle
3571.                   For contact with an old friend
3572.                   That there is peace in unity, unity in peace
3573.                   For the wisdom in living life one day at a time
3574.                   For counsel in marriage, but not too much
3575.                   For in problems there are opportunities for solutions
3576.                   For the courage to challenge someone
3577.                   For the light that comes in through that crack in the window at this time of day
3578.                   For this new space in this new place
3579.                   That it is time to go and pick my son up
3580.                   For access to important resources
3581.                   For the persons who appreciate my ministry who I’ve not met – who I’m unaware of
3582.                   For the precise nature of username and password combinations
3583.                   For the patience of others who allow me to misunderstand
3584.                   For the rewards of parental persistence
3585.                   That there was success in the kitchen
3586.                   For that time that comes most evenings – child in bed and time to prepare for tomorrow and relax
3587.                   For the email response I received that I completely did not expect to get
3588.                   Realising that we are currently doing in one corner of ministry is the fulfillment of a vision we had years ago
3589.                   For the fact that appropriate simplicity wins
3590.                   For the moments I see when my wife interacts with my son
3591.                   That I can always improve, which gives me hope
3592.                   That I remembered to get my wife a birthday present and got my son to write in the card
3593.                   For choice wisdom
3594.                   For appropriate humour
3595.                   For the wisdom about unscripted humour in delivery
3596.                   For the wisdom of self-censorship
3597.                   For the complex art of inhibition
3598.                   For everything that can be achieved and produced on one day
3599.                   For the opportunity very soon for corporate prayer and fasting
3600.                   Nice to arrive here at 8:25 PM to get a few on the board for a busy 13-hour day tomorrow
3601.                   For the enjoyment I received in doing an hour’s community service this morning
3602.                   That God reminds me that time is a key idol to supress
3603.                   For this sense of nostalgic reflection
3604.                   For the privilege it has been to care for my parents’ gardens for ten years
3605.                   For the grace in my parents to relieve me of those duties
3606.                   That even in missing certain family members I’m encouraged because of my memories of them
3607.                   For the preparations I’ve already made for tomorrow
3608.                   For the family meeting we had after dinner tonight
3609.                   That I could whisper into my son’s ear and say I was proud of him for not splashing
3610.                   That my son has a realisation that a part of his body needs attention
3611.                   That even though I have unpacked another half dozen book boxes it seems there are so many more
3612.                   That my son identified with his great grandfather’s war medals
3613.                   For the eclectic range of people God has put into our lives
3614.                   For one of the parents in my son’s class – an interesting interaction today
3615.                   For God’s reminder – Day One must come soon
3616.                   That the idea of being contemporary is novel for some
3617.                   That God has affirmed my desire to do two things excellently well: speak and listen
3618.                   Thankful for the vision cast of me this morning
3619.                   Thankful for the vision cast for mission in helping those in recovery
3620.                   That I have seventy percent of my important books unpacked

27 February 2018

3621.                   For the provision of vital supplies
3622.                   For the quiet drive into work today… red lights galore but peace in my heart
3623.                   For a job well done in a very timely manner
3624.                   That I had the privilege of playing ball with Kindy kids
3625.                   For the chat with Kevin the school neighbour - thankful for our rapport
3626.                   For the reminder about heart health
3627.                   To hear from my youngest daughter
3628.                   That I got to nearly all the ELC classes today
3629.                   For my belief in the power of mathematics
3630.                   That I make a fair allowance for children - thankful for Jesus’ example
3631.                   That I could affect a good quick fix
3632.                   That I had the chance to help my upset wife
3633.                   To share a laugh with my wife
3634.                   For the privilege of pulling the bins in
3635.                   For my empathy with children
3636.                   For being asked to preach at one of the teacher’s churches
3637.                   That I found a lock that replaces one that doesn’t work
3638.                   For the blessed interaction with Dean, a parent
3639.                   Even for the things I’ll forget because I am so busy
3640.                   That I can teach pre-schoolers about dinosaurs
3641.                   For an impromptu lift
3642.                   For the rapport I have with my co-workers
3643.                   For a recording with appropriate recognition to an entity deserving credit
3644.                   Hearing a pre-schooler whistle
3645.                   For insight in a pastoral moment when I needed it
3646.                   For the appreciation I have for young lives who are confused
3647.                   For the love I have for my daughters that suggests I’m willing to do anything for them
3648.                   For the feeling of space in time
3649.                   For tiredness and the need to keep moving
3650.                   For the awareness of my wrongdoing and the swiftness of my apology
3651.                   That I was able to meet with likeminded peacemakers today
3652.                   For the opportunity to meet new peacemakers
3653.                   For the nerves I experience every time I’m asked to introduce myself
3654.                   That I was singled out to do a task only I could do
3655.                   For the birthday present I’m giving my wife tomorrow
3656.                   For the grace I will need from God to achieve what I’m committing to give
3657.                   For the realisation I had today that 10,000 Reasons was becoming a legalistic chore
3658.                   For the opportunity I have to right the ship
3659.                   That I can help in my son’s class tomorrow
3660.                   That I was able to fix our wardrobe problem
3661.                   For the new book I was able to read our son tonight
3662.                   For my son’s excitement over a new bike lock
3663.                   For safe travels when I was on roads I’d never been on before
3664.                   For the hope that lay in me when I was far from home but wanted to be there
3665.                   That I listened to God’s voice when I heard my wife and son chatting over the monitor
3666.                   That I got in there on his bed and got involved
3667.                   That I love being a father to all my children
3668.                   For the phone call I got from my daughter who had run out of petrol
3669.                   For the poise she had and the moral support I was able to give
3670.                   That I have so many reasons to be proud of my children
3671.                   That I have remembered to remind family of an important invitation
3672.                   That I have fuel left in my mental tank
3673.                   That I have discretional time to exercise tomorrow
3674.                   For the fact that when we know each other we can detect emotional changes
3675.                   That tomorrow will be a new day – really
3676.                   That I have so much to do in keeping up with all facets of my present ministry
3677.                   For the awesome prayer meeting at school today
3678.                   For the encouragement of persons praying
3679.                   That tomorrow I could actually get further ahead
3680.                   That this is our home
3681.                   That this land our home sits on is our land
3682.                   More than a feeling, we are home
3683.                   That I have realised that this is more than a task – it is the beginning of the way I need to live
3684.                   That our marriage is so good that a reminder given either way is seen as helpful
3685.                   That my wife chose OPTION 3 for her birthday present
3686.                   For the breath of fresh air it is to think with an open heart
3687.                   For the giggles that emanated out of my Princess tonight
3688.                   For the creative purchases my wife makes
3689.                   That I have so much free capacity even if I get a huge amount done
3690.                   Thankful for the one-on-one’s I had with students today
3691.                   For the wonderful investment spending time with colleagues was today
3692.                   For the rest that offers itself to these weary eyes
3693.                   That it is my wife’s birthday tomorrow
3694.                   That I’m looking forward to March
3695.                   For the big day tomorrow will be
3696.                   That I realise that the issue is never really the issue
3697.                   That it is only because we have bad news that we need good news
3698.                   Glad to know the truth behind the progress of 10,000 Reasons
3699.                   For the rapport garnered today
3700.                   For the request for prayer I received

28 February 2018

3701.                   For my wife’s birthday!
3702.                   That I can choose to be grateful today
3703.                   That my heart wants to be grateful
3704.                   That I can live my life – and nobody else’s
3705.                   For the breath in my lungs and the life force in my body
3706.                   For the magpie’s warble – reminds me of early life
3707.                   For the generous heart I will meet today
3708.                   That I will choose today not to be distracted
3709.                   That I will ride my bike and do some weights today
3710.                   For the brief calls last night with my eldest daughter
3711.                   That I’m beginning to feel grateful again
3712.                   For the rustling of plastic I can hear – that I can hear
3713.                   For the ride to school and the time there helping
3714.                   That my mother and father and mother-in-law and father-in-law are so generous
3715.                   For the opportunities that have come my way – things I never expected to receive
3716.                   That I could choose to turn a light on if I wanted
3717.                   That each number is quantifiable
3718.                   For the progressing way that life works
3719.                   For friends I’ve known from school days – two who are committed followers of Jesus
3720.                   That we found God through the school of hard knocks
3721.                   For the birthday dinner we have planned tonight
3722.                   Prayers for the birthday present I have given my wife
3723.                   For the prayers I have for a couple experiencing marital conflict
3724.                   For the understanding God has given me regarding my own sin
3725.                   For the prayers of others today
3726.                   That I got to talk casually with the Registrar of the school
3727.                   That I remembered to sign-in properly
3728.                   That I got to watch my son remember his combination lock
3729.                   That my son got behind and politely asked if I would slow down
3730.                   That I didn’t feel judged at school because I’d forgotten to tidy my hair
3731.                   For the help I got in the shops buying the cake
3732.                   For help to reset my address at the ACT
3733.                   For the salads I made for tonight that are made ahead of time
3734.                   For the nap I will soon take
3735.                   For the prospect of helping my eldest daughter with window screens if I have time
3736.                   That God has shown me my negative perception of numbers at present
3737.                   That I’m having to wrestle for gratitude
3738.                   That I cannot make of gratitude an idol – I cannot master it
3739.                   For the sermon I’m preparing and what I’ll learn through my preparation
3740.                   That I’ve learned more than I ever bargained I’d learn
3741.                   For the Christ-loving Canadian Hammer that I know and love
3742.                   That I have prayers for those who will not know I’m praying for them
3743.                   For the sound of the school siren from home – my son’s school
3744.                   For the protein, fruit and vegetables I’ve had today
3745.                   That I get to sit next to my wife at the dinner table
3746.                   For every second I get to spend with a family member
3747.                   That because I breathe I’m alive
3748.                   That God has shown me how narcissistic daily life is – much money is made out of building people’s egos
3749.                   For the feeling in my stomach when I eat good food
3750.                   For how much God speaks to me in the process of writing, and especially afterwards
3751.                   For the possessions I have that connect me with my past
3752.                   That there are so many opportunities to succeed in life
3753.                   For the moments as they become minutes
3754.                   That I just love my new study
3755.                   For the box I just unpacked – taking the opportunity while I had it
3756.                   For the value in temptation as a reminder of sin
3757.                   For the sheer privilege I have in having choice
3758.                   That there is a long weekend coming up where we will get time together as a family
3759.                   For my Google calendar – it serves me very well
3760.                   That this exercise of 10,000 Reasons is making my brain search
3761.                   That this is a big BIG life – too much for any human being to comprehend
3762.                   That I get lost in my writing
3763.                   That I can listen
3764.                   That I can hear from God about having done the wrong thing
3765.                   That my wife was blessed on her birthday
3766.                   That my son was able to be placated by my wife after I failed
3767.                   For the fact I have nothing to fear
3768.                   For the revelation I received in the shower
3769.                   That I have more than enough to do even if I’m not paid fulltime hours
3770.                   That there are so many Kingdom opportunities – a dozen or more each day
3771.                   That I get ideas, so many, that it is difficult to process them all
3772.                   That I appreciate we have differences – and some of these are stark
3773.                   For my car – average in looks and function, but it does what I need it to do
3774.                   For the discussion with Tamara about school and her experience of moving from interstate
3775.                   For the pain in my neck, which shows me just how intricate the human body is
3776.                   For our quiet neighbourhood
3777.                   That our tree was lopped without needing to ask or do it ourselves
3778.                   For the birthday celebration we had for my wife with her parents
3779.                   That we do not place any pressure on family to attend our family events
3780.                   For the hope in me to eat well
3781.                   For the delicious salads I made today
3782.                   That I found my collections of hats in a box today
3783.                   That I see myself as a foot soldier
3784.                   For the memories I have living in the houses I have lived
3785.                   For my wish that those memories would mean something to the Lord
3786.                   For the haircut I just gave myself
3787.                   That my wife is having a better day today
3788.                   For my mother-in-law’s help tomorrow
3789.                   For the devotions of the Lord I will run tomorrow
3790.                   That my mother-in-law did the dishes for us tonight
3791.                   That even though I’m comparatively time-poor, I still decide how I spend my time
3792.                   That there is belief in me that a revival is imminent
3793.                   That I open myself to God for His use
3794.                   That God can turn my negativity into something positive for Him
3795.                   For the belief I have that something good will come of this exercise
3796.                   For the feeling of time pressure and how it steels my soul
3797.                   For having considered readjusting my goal
3798.                   For the time it’s taken to do these Reasons today
3799.                   For the new sounds of a train going past – change from the aircraft
3800.                   That I have everything ready for the morning

1 March 2018

3801.                   That I can and often do experience resurrection having failed
3802.                   For the prayers of repentance I have just prayed
3803.                   For God’s reminder that He is with me in this
3804.                   For the wisdom that acknowledges I will be tested
3805.                   For another wisdom, that voids are designed to be filled
3806.                   That this exercise is a holy filling
3807.                   That I can be involved in one hundred godly interactions per day
3808.                   That there is the goodness of good salad all about me
3809.                   That I don't need to follow others
3810.                   That God has ‘got’ this for me
3811.                   For His Presence which raises me as I’m led by His Spirit
3812.                   That in being His good soldier there is always something good to be done
3813.                   For the wisdom in silence
3814.                   For creepy crawly creatures that remind me how blessed I currently am
3815.                   That my son sleeps while I work
3816.                   For the occupational aspirations that will rise in my son
3817.                   For the prayers I have for my daughter’s rent inspection
3818.                   For the justice implicit in the society I live
3819.                   For my body’s need and ability to stretch
3820.                   For a coffee breakfast
3821.                   That God shows me His Presence is with me even in my maintenance work
3822.                   That God gives me so much grace, and this is felt mostly when I most need it
3823.                   For the consummate ease of life in this minute and moment
3824.                   That consummate ease is a mind thing held up by the heart willing to believe
3825.                   That there is the belief that more is to come
3826.                   That I can switch focus
3827.                   That there is something ever glorious in our mortal world
3828.                   That the hardest work of the season is behind us
3829.                   For a simple text message confession, the power of repentance
3830.                   That belief undergirds absolutely everything
3831.                   That here I am AGAIN by the grace of God
3832.                   For living power of Jesus in me
3833.                   That I, in this moment, cannot withhold my praise
3834.                   For water as much as breath
3835.                   For those dreams and aspirations I swap for God’s better plan
3836.                   For the power in the minute, but I must act on it!
3837.                   For the prayer I have for an ailing man
3838.                   That I have already helped three people and it’s only 7:41 AM
3839.                   For high intensity staying power – the balance and best of two opposing realities – available only in God’s power with the option open to rest at any time
3840.                   The Christian bandwidth is very wide for a very important reason – there are so many who must find a place to fit in a realm where, to the Lord, there is no right and wrong, where all are loved and accepted as they are and as they in their right conscience think
3841.                   For the blessed joyous sound of children playing
3842.                   When God’s fire spreads through my being
3843.                   For the hearts of the Receptive
3844.                   For the enjoining Spirit as He raises me to new life AGAIN
3845.                   For the revelation of peace in an anxious person
3846.                   For the Presence God gives me for people of any age
3847.                   For the ladder that elevates me and supports my weight
3848.                   That I have a message burning within me
3849.                   That at this point I feel unstoppable
3850.                   That God gives the increase, this time children passionate who aren’t normally passionate
3851.                   For the life of Billy Graham who is impetus for today’s devotions
3852.                   For the revival events that continue today
3853.                   For a single person’s revival that we call salvation
3854.                   For reason to praise God… 10,000 and forever more
3855.                   For encouraging a prayer group to pray
3856.                   For the echoes of the saints who have become angels
3857.                   For light that purges darkness
3858.                   That there is a way to life, and His name is Jesus
3859.                   That as a heart catches fire it tends to set other hearts aflame
3860.                   That nothing can stop God’s purpose and plan
3861.                   For peace that starts in the nation called me!
3862.                   For the courage to risk for love throwing the caution of fear to the wind
3863.                   For young lives and vulnerable souls
3864.                   That there are more engagements of connection to be had, this minute!
3865.                   For yet another presenting opportunity
3866.                   That it is such a blessing to see blessing unfold before our eyes
3867.                   All for You, Lord!
3868.                   For an interaction with the smallest of persons, a person made in God’s own image
3869.                   That there is understanding established in coherence
3870.                   For knowledge that tests occur for a reason, so that we may with ease learn to overcome the test
3871.                   For the protection due vulnerable lives
3872.                   That there are three very important presentations to make this month, at least three
3873.                   That in being carried through anything there is the undeniable Presence of God as the enabling
3874.                   That I could assist in a situation where there was nobody else to help
3875.                   For the generosity of a staff member to do something they could do but didn’t need to do
3876.                   For salad AND water
3877.                   For poise in a testing situation
3878.                   For the power in first impressions but the greater power in redemption
3879.                   An impromptu message lines up for the intercession of another person – such is God’s power
3880.                   That I am seen as safe, but better so much more to know I am safe for others
3881.                   For a mind healthy and alive
3882.                   For second (salad) lunch
3883.                   For the ability to lift heavy objects
3884.                   For insight enough to plan ahead
3885.                   That I will keep offering to help
3886.                   For the opportunities I’ve had today to smile at or with others no matter what they’re experiencing
3887.                   That I have capacity right now
3888.                   For the rapport that builds with effort of reaching forward into others’ lives
3889.                   For the glory imparted through me when I'm an agent of light
3890.                   That pain is so irrefutably hard; it has to be a teacher
3891.                   For time in the moments 
3892.                   For the encouragement one pre-schooler was in praying so eloquently
3893.                   For a radio interview on expecting hardship
3894.                   That a simple repair is affected and a thing is recycled
3895.                   For the teachers I work with and for
3896.                   For the passion I have to reveal God to others
3897.                   That there is space for me even in this busy and stimulating day
3898.                   For the forwards-backwards style in negotiation between two great friends
3899.                   For the wonder in making every moment a winner
3900.                   That is a record! 100 by 2:05 PM and it didn’t even feel hard
3901.                   For the humour enjoyed even during a stressful task
3902.                   For the children I know by name and nature in my chaplain role
3903.                   That we received our new internet modem etc
3904.                   That the lounge room laid out like it is works out very well
3905.                   That I got to chat with my eldest daughter about developments in her life

2 March 2018

3906.                   Early to bed, early to rise
3907.                   A plan for the day… from my wife!
3908.                   A relatively free day – discretionary time – sermon, interview, training preparation
3909.                   For a weird night’s sleep that proves life is very interesting
3910.                   Thankful for yesterday
3911.                   That I can sleep and have no issues sleeping
3912.                   That I can overcome feelings of being disregarded
3913.                   For the jobs list our son has as he gets ready for school
3914.                   For inspiration to write on making the most of our time
3915.                   For a plan for the day
3916.                   For sunlight as it peers through the window
3917.                   For a son going to the toilet regularly
3918.                   For the blessedness in knowing I’m precious in God’s sight
3919.                   For God’s provision of people around me who He knows are good for me
3920.                   For my wife’s commitment to her work
3921.                   For the trinkets all about me that remind me I’m home
3922.                   For a clean desk
3923.                   That I had the choice today to make or buy coffee – it’s a privileged life
3924.                   So thankful for God’s grace in me yesterday
3925.                   For the interactions that are ahead of me today
3926.                   That I seem to have just enough time to plan
3927.                   That I was given the insight to communicate before time
3928.                   That when I don’t waste time I don’t feel as hurried
3929.                   For the state of the maintenance of my body – hair and nails
3930.                   That my life is full
3931.                   That I am still living – and I crave to live
3932.                   That my son and daughters can know me – while I’m living
3933.                   That I know my parents – while they are still alive
3934.                   For the fact there are no fractures in my family that I’m aware of
3935.                   That I am an advocate for those who have live in their souls
3936.                   That I will advocate for the vulnerable
3937.                   For the idea that God places His unique gifting in each and every one of us
3938.                   For the unique gifting God has given me
3939.                   For the grace God gives me to cope with the frailties I also have
3940.                   For my loved ones who often forgive me
3941.                   That I’m honest in accepting the weakness in me that I want to be better than others
3942.                   For the privileges God has bestowed on me – to work out of my suffering
3943.                   For the hopes I have to learn to sneeze well – arm/elbow/shirt, not hands
3944.                   That I have so many good things to do, yet I don’t need to get frustrated
3945.                   That I’m happy to pour myself out as a libation
3946.                   That I pray for good awareness of relationship boundaries – in each moment
3947.                   That even though I work tomorrow, there are goals I have to achieve
3948.                   Yes, I am thankful for my work
3949.                   For the grace God gives me when He convicts my heart to confess and repent
3950.                   For strange noises that pique the curiosity
3951.                   That I have learned that this exercise is something I need to keep on top of
3952.                   For the quietness in this room
3953.                   For the blessing it is to get some time alone to work
3954.                   For the sort of pain within the body that causes me to maintain it
3955.                   That there will be blessing!
3956.                   That there are just so many messages to deliver in this life
3957.                   For the feeling of spiritual euphoria as I master this day’s list
3958.                   For the things God is teaching me about being grateful in the moment
3959.                   That focusing on gratitude means the mind cannot wander into dark places
3960.                   That there is a time for discouragement that draws us into seeking God
3961.                   For the blessing it is to work – for the satisfaction we derive from our work
3962.                   That I am getting a party ready today
3963.                   For those feelings of nerves when I’m about to perform – they don’t change and make me humble
3964.                   For the courage of decision – to simply do the best I can
3965.                   For the sensibilities in me that rise up – and for the times I listen to God to calm down
3966.                   For the reach I have into certain communities
3967.                   That I recognised today that I can be too relational at times – too much in people’s faces
3968.                   For my weaknesses and vulnerabilities – that they’re not fatal
3969.                   For the great contributions my wife makes through her work
3970.                   For the esteem there is for knowledge – but how love outstrips even that
3971.                   For the water I need to drink that is plentiful supply
3972.                   That today I am not snacking
3973.                   For the principle of equality that Jesus came to bring
3974.                   That I recognise there needs to be wisdom in meting out equality
3975.                   That the world is not at war – yet!
3976.                   That anyone’s role in the world can be positive
3977.                   For a moment’s meditation – a.k.a. a nap without sleeping
3978.                   For the generosity of a person who is picking me up and transporting me in another state
3979.                   For my faith in memory that by God’s grace to this point doesn’t often disappoint
3980.                   For the spark alertness I feel having napped briefly before I perform
3981.                   That I have the absolute privilege of preaching on women next week
3982.                   For the opportunities my daughters and son will receive throughout their lives
3983.                   That it is time to get ahead and stay ahead as far as it is possible to do so
3984.                   That the prompting and impetus to simplify is wisdom and discernment
3985.                   For a coiled rope or cord – replete neatness
3986.                   For the help I can give a daughter tomorrow
3987.                   For the many dates I’ve had with my wife – so many – and so many more by God’s grace
3988.                   That there is a person I haven’t always appreciated, but I do appreciate them now
3989.                   For God’s awesome provision of courage and humility when I need to make amends
3990.                   That help I get when I need it – and that poise I can take when I’m not helped
3991.                   For the capacities of the mind that swings between function and anxiety
3992.                   For the plans I have and make with time
3993.                   For the interview that went well – due to good preparation
3994.                   For connection with a friend – I cannot take that for granted
3995.                   That the shopping took over an hour to complete, testing my patience (it is good to have my patience tested)
3996.                   The Telstra man is here! – internet service soon
3997.                   For the chat with the lady who had just been to a movie – emotional and happy to chat
3998.                   For the lady who was in no mood to talk – respected her need for distance
3999.                   That there is a spare ten minutes in many hours of every day – use it wisely
4000.                   40 percent of the way toward the target – on time, on budget – thank You, Lord

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