Thursday, March 15, 2018

The mind’s fight for acceptance, the heart’s battle for love

When I’m vulnerable my psychology sits atop a knife’s edge; I either progress to repentance or topple into resentment. And it’s people who just happen to benefit or pay.
I am as prone to rejection as the next person, and I don’t buy it when people say they aren’t. There are people who exist in a safe bubble of acceptance which says even more about the power of rejection in their lives.
The continuum of acceptance and rejection is possibly the most powerful force. And it all begins in the mind; a mind responding to what the heart feels.
I can tell you that when I’ve felt most vulnerable, I have been most susceptible to rejecting others. When I’ve felt rejected, I’ve tended to respond by rejecting. When I’ve felt accepted, the vulnerable feelings vanish, and acceptance is easy. There is one poignant example where this is rife: in those who have influence over me; a power I have given them. I could be much less susceptible to a person’s rejection if they have no influence on me or power over me, but as soon as they do I have to admit susceptibility. I do not consider those I serve as those who have influence on me or power over me.
It’s those I look up to who I perceive don’t accept me who I’m liable to reject in response to their rejection.
The mind fights to be accepted, and the heart battles for love. Where there is acceptance and feelings of love, there is safety and wellbeing.
Acknowledge the drive for acceptance in others. Accept everyone as they are and experience less rejection.

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