Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Shadow in the way of God’s Light

Photo by Peyman Naderi on Unsplash

PRESENCE of Spirit, projection of light, blessedness of presence, Jesus in sight.
Living in the Presence of the Spirit, projected is light, the fruit of blessedness of presence, where all can see Jesus in sight.
That’s our Christian ideal. But it is an ideal. What gets in the way is a shadow.
A shadow is something that gets in the way of the light:
APPEARANCE of flesh, breach of shadow, cursedness of presence, sign of the foe.
One such shadow is a lack of patience bearing itself as anger, and we’re all prone to it, whether it is overt, passive-aggressiveness, or it’s bottled up. None of these responses is healthy. People are deceived to think it’s only overt anger that is harmful. Passive-aggressiveness gives its user the appearance of control, but at what cost? It deadens relationships. And to bottle-up anger is a caustic that burns slowly inside out.
The shadow gets in the way of the light. Anger gets in the way of patience. And it affects us all.
Anger is the predictive and premature response of the flesh.
The long game of discipleship is for the Spirit to show us how our flesh behaves. Obedience is the curiousness of inquiry in the presence of sin. Only when we understand how our shadow blocks our light can we put steps into place to move out of the way of the shadow, so our light shines unimpeded again.
Where do other shadows turn up covering the light in our lives; greed for generosity, fear and hate and indifference and cynicism for love, disappointment and despair for hope.
Our shadow is present in our life as a sign we need God to overcome so His light can be revealed in us.

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