Sunday, September 3, 2017

Overcoming anything through overcoming yourself

EVERY thorn in life can be overcome, literally or spiritually. We can learn to transcend it or acquire the patience to tolerate it.
Most changes we wish to initiate and attain take much more effort and work than we first realise. Until we get close to our goal, having smashed that glass ceiling. Then God shows us the fact; we are overcoming. Every step until that momentous point is one trudging, begrudging step up the hillside after the other.
Only by faith will we get to the top of the mountain to run down the other side.
God blesses nothing more emphatically than the hard work we put in toward reaching our goals. And the truth is we’ll need to fail several times at some big goals before we’ll succeed.
Can you see now how failure is integral to success; that without failure there can be no ultimate success?
God blesses us through the diligence we display for taking the ultimate responsibility for our lives. If we don’t, who will? We must be the ones who grasp the opportunities time allows. It’s all that matters in the long run. What we do and who we are.
Taking responsibility is the key to achieving all growth in the spiritual demographic.
We overcome by overcoming ourselves, by surrendering our plaintive power that makes us feel important to a power that overcomes through our weakness.
When we get out of our own way we begin to see that, all along, we have been the barrier, and then we understand the power of change. Change comes from within.
When a challenge comes ask, can I transcend this or must I learn to tolerate it?

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