Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A vision of those last living moments

EVEN amid a semi-migraine experience, flashes before the eyes, a loss of visual equilibrium, God gave me a paradoxical vision: my last living moments.
Suddenly what flashed before the eyes of my heart was the irredeemable fact: living, breathing, sensing, life was fading in the final seconds. Sorrow filled my soul’s gaze. Yet I was caught up in something myriads higher. A profound depth subsuming me. Being absorbed into the Eternal.
Sadness came for the fleeting glimpses of those Id not said goodbye to: my wife, my daughters, my son, my parents, my brothers and my friends.
Sadness yet wholeness for that Something Bigger. Somehow understanding filled me and my sight for the entirety of life was perfected but completely without ability to explain it.
As God took me into Himself I began to feel the absence of corners and sides and boundaries and of beginnings and endings. I was coming into what is, always as it has been and will ever be. And everything not of God ceased to exist.
Finally as I understood this simply as a vision, God caused me to be thankful. I was grateful in accepting the extension of His moments. More breaths ahead. Possibilities ahead to enjoy God and all of the things He blesses me with.
These final moments were not the end, but the beginning of the broadening  and burgeoning of awareness.
Ends inspire fresh beginnings while there is still life and hope. Be open to beginning again and hope for the stars. 

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