Monday, August 14, 2017

Thankfulness when life is Disbelief

WHEN you’re overwhelmed of feeling, you don’t have enough minutes in the day, be thankful you have no shortage of purpose.
When life has you cornered, every which way defying sense and rationale, be thankful you have the mental capacity to attempt its comprehension.
When loss wreaks havoc amid a life you’re learned to say goodbye to, be thankful for the new life coming which one day you’ll be thankful for.
When cords of lament break over the bow of your typically rock-hard constitution, be thankful that God has His ways for getting your attention.
When relationships disappoint and people ghost you, be thankful that you’d not learn the depths in forgiveness otherwise.
When you bear the baggage of a life riddled with regret, be thankful that the best can truly be yet to come.
When decisions cast you yet again into the path of danger, be thankful that God is so gracious that today is a fresh chance at comfort.
When finances are low or non-existent and you worry for the coming hour, be thankful for the resources you have, and God’s provision, to get through.
When mental illness plagues you like nobody would bother to imagine or conceive, be thankful God has shown you how hard life is for many people.
When work is hard and you don’t know how you’ll survive it, be thankful that God is with you, especially in this.
When pain abounds and overflows in dilapidations of despair, be thankful that others that you love don’t suffer like you do.
When life seems impossibly hard, be thankful God asks not more of you than the godly who have gone before you.
When disbelief overwhelms for what you’re currently facing, be thankful you can keep walking through it.

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