Sunday, August 20, 2017

Life’s purpose lived through the eternal perspective

IMAGINE this. You see no point to life. Imperiled by pain and stress and fear, finding it difficult to go on, but for the thought tomorrow will be different, you decide not to give up. Somehow, deeper down, you know that faith tells you there’s reward for never giving in.
Little do we realise in these moments of torment that we’re alive, walking the earth, as eternal beings, imprinting ourselves upon the history of life. A bigger purpose fills our reality.
We cannot see. But what if we did see just a little beyond our present constraint? What if we could see the echo of our being throughout the realm that is yet coming; that what we do in this life, our responses to all the terrible things that occur to us, has an abundance of significance.
Faith speaks forth from the age of the ancients and it reaches further into the future telling us what we’re becoming. Our task is to connect with that which God has spoken.
We know nothing of what is to come, in the glory of its reality, and yet science (of simply one set of explanations) speaks of God’s majesty woven all through life.
Why then do we doubt the resounding goodness of the Lord our God?
What possible loss do we incur by believing upon the goodness of God; that we’ll be handsomely rewarded for the crosses we bear in this life; for the stresses, the struggles, the tumults, and the haranguing we’re required to endure?
No, there is no loss incurred at all.
What if every bad thing we bear in this life has a direct reward in eternity? Makes every pain and stress and fear worth bearing. Such faith transforms our thinking and peace is ours. And we have significant help.
My son is in the picture above, but he’s not seen because the foreground dominates. I know he’s there and that fact makes a world of difference to how I view the photograph.
We need to view life in the same way, and not be encumbered by the visible foreground of our struggles. We need to see God in the background; a view that isn’t possibly visible unless by faith.
But we may choose to see it.

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