Thursday, November 24, 2016

One Day’s Depression in a Deluge of Discouragement

Dark clouds descend like smoke over the highway of our day, bringing spiritual progress to a standstill. Purpose wanes mysteriously. Everything becomes an effort.
From where these clouds came from we have no idea. Yesterday seemed so easy in comparison, and it’s likely that tomorrow will seem like a sweet breeze. But then there’s today. Today; it’s horrid.
One day’s depression — a melancholy that shakes all confidence inwardly, though we remain functional for others — comes as a deluge of discouragement. And it’s not always easy to track why. The day before could’ve been a paroxysm of encouragement.
There is something deeply spiritual in the attack of one day’s depression. We know what goes through our minds, and it’s not good. We experience hearts that are unsteady and uncertain. Though we’re able to put up a good front, we’re insecure and anxious, and this is felt within the state of self-consciousness. As we’re honest in what we’re thinking and feeling we’re disconcerted.
Then, during such a day, where capacity is low, though few detect it, there is the reminder that power is accessible and present.
One day’s depression is a spiritual reality reminding us we’re in a spiritual fight in a war against a spiritual enemy. God blesses us most in the calm acceptance we’re weak this very day. He will save us up for a better, stronger day.
We venture into the Psalms, Job, Ecclesiastes, Jeremiah, or 2 Corinthians. And we’re encouraged! Our hope is revived that hope will soon return, and we’re patient in the waiting.
We survive one day’s depression best when we accept our vulnerability, knowing hope will soon return.

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