Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time to Let Go

Time to let go of all worldly restraints,
Of wishes and dreams and all that taints,
Of fantasies and visions of what could be,
Time to let go of all I ‘must’ see.
Time to let go where bad intent blinds,
Where my sin and flesh weakness viscerally hides,
Where I look without when I ought more to look within,
Time to let go of this covetous sin.
Time to let go of all that this world holds,
Of ambition and status; to break those moulds,
Of hiding behind grandeur, the stuff of a dreamy con,
Time to let go of what I’d love to don.
Time to let go of things making no sense,
Of analysing thoughts of any pathetic defence,
Of making something ‘worthy’ of my cognitive function,
Time to let go of everything that looks like an injunction.
Time to let go where God’s not honoured,
Where fearful things are erroneously pondered,
Where there’s staring into space at the hopelessness of life,
Time to let go of all those situations of strife.
Time to let go, for once and for all,
Of circumstances that’ll make me most certainly fall,
Of situations where God won’t get to do as He wills,
Time to let go of everything that mortally chills.
Sometimes, many times in life, all the time, it’s time to let go.
Holding what we hold lightly; that’s the juice of life, for we hold on too tightly to the things we value, and we say, “I cannot live without you.”  But the truth is, we can.
When we hold all of what we’d call our own — ready to let go —
we’re ready to hold that which can never truly be ours.
Have the courage to let go,
In faith, one day at a time,
When each day is its own climb,
God’s peace you’ll know.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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