Sunday, June 5, 2016

Our Brokenness and Trust, God’s Sovereignty and Compassion

We all presumably know that a disciple’s life is one of submission and obedience; a trust of God, no matter what.  That’s faith in a nutshell.  To have faith we must trust, yet trust makes no sense if we don’t believe in God’s Sovereignty.  Why would we trust God if we didn’t believe He had total control?
God’s sovereignty is a latent factor, and so ought to be our trust.  But we usually don’t learn to trust in God’s sovereignty until we find we have to.  When life blows our house of cards down, we quickly realise how vulnerable we really are.  We begin to realise trust in God, however nebulous it seems, is truly the only viable and worthy trust.
I thank God for the experience of brokenness, for without that perishing feeling I have no need of God, but when I’m needy in His Presence, then I no longer perish because of His compassion.  And even as I perish in this daily life, I perish with the comfort of His Presence, which is nothing I can attain otherwise.
Perishing therefore is a prerequisite to experiencing the compassion of His Presence.
Experiences of momentary brokenness, where we have nothing left to hold from God, where our lives are held open in perfect submission, draw the experience of compassion only possible in the heart of God’s Presence.
I’ve previously written that, as soon as we’re able to trust God’s sovereignty, we’re a testimony of restoration.  See how God’s sovereignty takes us from brokenness to restoration in a moment?
When we trust God, because we believe in His sovereignty, we trust our brokenness to Him, and we experience God’s compassion.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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