Sunday, January 3, 2016

No Matter What, This Is True, No Matter What Life’s Got, God’s Got You

January 1, 2004, I received this bright drawing from one of my three daughters. She was 8 at the time. I got many gifts like this at the time from each of my girls.
Twelve years ago, having lost everything that meant everything to me, I was often in a very dark place; a sort of experience you never think is possible it’s so painful. Yet I knew with no doubt whatsoever that God was there with me every step. He was present in and through my daughters and my parents. Those five individuals kept me alive. Them, and two sponsors (mentors), a guide, a pastor (who is still in Baptist ministry in Mandurah), and a growing list of others as I began to trust people as the Holy Spirit led me.
I could never have imagined when I received this sunrise drawing how life would actually turn out. There were still many dark days ahead for me. I still had days and hours and moments ahead of me (and I still have them now) when I felt like giving up. And I have realised that, for me, this is normal, and in God’s sight, acceptable. God loves feelers as much as thinkers. And this has been an untold blessing for others I’ve been privileged to minister with.
Don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough if you’re tempted to give up.
Don’t feel you’re a disappointment to God when you never actually learn a key lesson, ever. God is supremely patient. He just loves our effort.
Don’t underestimate God’s ability to surprise you with something like a blessed sunrise drawing.
Don’t forget those who were there for you... those who are there for you now. Trust those that God places in your path who only want to help.
Don’t feel you ever have to have your life together. There’s abundantly more glory to God in our brokenness than there ever is in our apparent perfection.
Don’t forget that God walks faithfully with us no matter where we’re at. As we keep looking to Him, as we cry out without answer or help, He helps. He gets us through till morning.
And don’t forget that if the mire is now, now will not always be a mire.
No matter what,
This thing is true,
No matter what life’s got,
God’s got you!
When you feel at the end of things, don’t forget God beat you there; He’s still there with you.
And, as for sunrise drawings, the sunrise in your story comes after the sunset in your life — a bright new beginning can only appear when the end has come.
After night, look, there is morning; the sun rises.
© 2004, 2016 Steve Wickham.

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