Friday, January 8, 2016

100 Ways You Can Be Grateful Every Day This Year

GRATITUDE tends us toward joy.  It’s just the way life works.  The more grateful we are, the more thankful we are, the more joy we experience.
So, in being grateful in these ways, we will experience more joy (and hope and peace, which propel us forward in love and faith).  Here are 100 ways you can be grateful this year through simple acknowledgement:
1.      Another year of life.
2.      Look with your eyes.
3.      Breathe.
4.      State your purpose for the moment, day, year.
5.      Not got a purpose?  Find one.  Be grateful for the opportunity.
6.      Flowers, honey and bees.
7.      Feel feelings.
8.      Taste of good food.
9.      Privilege of being listened to.
10. Listening intently with someone.
11. Flossing.
12. Technology.
13. The privilege of complaining about First World problems.
14. Your body.  It’s yours.  Manage it like you were its landlord.
15. Walk, cycle, run.
16. Rest.  Doing nothing.  Allowing the heart and mind stillness.
17. Loved ones.
18. The love of God in loneliness.
19. Hope for the year.
20. Choice – to praise rather than just stuck in complaint.
21. Ability to make wise decisions.
22. God’s grace.
23. Motion picture escapism.
24. Opportunities to be educated.
25. Your education.
26. Leisure.
27. A good book.
28. Public transport.
29. Smiles.
30. A cool breeze and shade on a summer’s day.
31. Warmth in winter.
32. The state of being safely inside in a storm (not a hurricane).
33. Weather warnings.
34. Science.
35. The unfathomable majesty of the universe.
36. Forgiveness of your sin.
37. Your home – even if you don’t own it, it’s a roof over your head.
38. Food whenever you want it… (assuming that’s a luxury open to you).
39. Possessions – many good tools for living life.
40. Insurance.
41. Warm handshakes.
42. Eye contact made.
43. Respect given and earned.
44. The choice to stay or leave.
45. Peace remains, over the cusp of life (assuming Jesus is your Saviour).
46. Eternal life as a reality or opportunity, today, this day, and eternally (per condition in point 45).
47. Opportunities to ask questions for clarity.
48. The ability to hear.
49. Opera, rock and any other music genre you enjoy.
50. Letting go what’s lost; enjoying what you have.
51. Others – those who bless your life right now.
52. God’s power to change our minds and hearts.
53. Knowledge.
54. Life experience.
55. The skills you have.  Jot them down.  You can do so much!
56. Your parents – whoever they are or have been.  They ‘caused’ you.
57. That you can laugh (even when you may want to cry).
58. The joy of caring.
59. The relief in sharing.
60. Animals.
61. Thinking and reasoning abilities.
62. The wonder in mathematics.
63. That life doesn’t require us to know everything.
64. Water.  Drinking water.  Clean drinking water.
65. Oxygen.
66. Sunsets.
67. Sunrises.
68. That peace is a choice.
69. Strength – even when you’re weak enough you think you’ll die; and you don’t.
70. The privilege of complaining.
71. The joy of rising above complaint.
72. Understanding.
73. A rational conversation.
74. Butter.
75. Wisdom – and the fact you can learn.
76. Doctors, nurses, policemen.
77. Veterans – their sacrifice.
78. The elderly – it will be your turn one day.
79. Football (or any other sport that gives you pleasure).
80. Infants.
81. The child’s mind in not only the child, but you, also.
82. Clocks… time.
83. Keys to locks.
84. Memory, and even the fact you don’t remember.
85. Pioneers, and the things they’ve discovered that you appreciate.
86. Libraries.
87. Generosity.
88. Teachers… and grateful students.
89. Your wife… your husband… hope of a wife or a husband in your future.
90. Your achievements.
91. Sleep.  Good sleep.  Alertness.
92. You can look up.
93. Looking after other people’s stuff for them.
94. Wonder in the things you’ll learn today.
95. Picture frames.
96. The seasons of life as you look back.
97. Reunions.
98. Intact glassware.
99. Stationery.  It all had to be invented you know.
100.         I’m sure you can think of the hundredth thing.  It’s taken only forty-one minutes to compile this list.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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