Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 Signs of the Healing of Woundedness In the Wounded Healer

Woundedness healed in a soul is:
1.     The seal of the Spirit’s redemptive work. Restoration is the Spirit’s seal of efficacy on a living soul desiring life through surrender before the Lord Jesus.
2.     Evidence of a restorative miracle only God could do. No other power is able to wring such a thing as to transform a vessel for sustained good through service.
3.     The bringing of the Incarnation alive in them. The way to meet Jesus is by the way Jesus is known; through the mode of suffering and of peace, even in that suffering. Only a God who suffers with us without suffering can help us see how our suffering with others can help them.
4.     A qualification for ministry. Few ministers can prove effective without embodying the Incarnation — having a taste of his suffering, and God’s delivery.
5.     Reason for all the saints to rejoice. Although some will inevitably be envious (for better or for worse), it no less abides on a believer’s heart, the power of God to restore a vessel to the grace of antiquity. It ought always to be celebrated with praise.
6.     A promise of the grace resident through that vessel. In the same Incarnational tradition, grace is known in the touch of the wounded healer’s soul as they touch another’s.
7.     The embodiment of a promissory note for the procurement of compassion. They are able to ‘make good’ on the obligation of compassion, unless, of course, compassion fatigue sets in. Then rest is the only solution. (Sabbath is crucial in guarding against and warding off compassion fatigue.)
8.     Merely the sign, also, of a need to constantly press-in on the Spirit for ongoing healing; for fresh hurts. Living in the world of relationships will bring hurts; hurts that must be healed. The wounded healer is not beyond being hurt. The benefit the wounded healer has is the faithfulness of God in having witnessed the effect of healing in their mortal being. They ever believe in God’s healing power.
9.     Evidence of a childlike faith in relational dynamics: with such a committed approach to loving with the truth, the wounded healer is threatened by nobody and can threaten no one. They are as a child in ways of being within their relationships. They seek for the best.
10. Sadly, a target of the enemy. A thing we need to be continually aware of in those who have been gifted the healing of their woundedness is their soul’s conspicuousness within the spiritual realms — both good and evil. The wounded healer’s spiritual health is vulnerable the same as any other’s.
God restores the wounded so they may show others healing in Jesus’ name.
God restores the wounded for glory’s sake.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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