Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why Feeling Valued Is Central to Our Everything

The greatest gift to give is to value someone.
Giving is a gift all its own. There is nothing that will take us directly into the field of God more than giving with a cheerful heart.
The greatest gift to receive is to be valued.
To be considered, to be accepted, to be appreciated; these are the receipt of such good gifts that they are God’s gifts from a loving person to another.
The greatest feeling in the world is to feel valued.
Being cherished, acknowledged, appreciated and esteemed is to be respected, even treasured. It’s simply the greatest feeling. Even better when we feel such from God.
The greatest outcome is that which is valued by all.
The community wins when the community is in consensus. It’s a victory that ought to truly be celebrated.
The greatest gratitude is to value God and the life he gives.
It is hard in a privileged and comfortable life to express gratitude instinctively. The more we get the more we want. But to appreciate God and the life he gives is the greatest gratitude.
The greatest test of life is to sustain ourselves when we are not valued.
Tough relational and situational experiences aren’t the end — they can be the beginning; of the resilient life. The reminder is that we are only truly valued — at all times — by our eternal God.
The greatest disappointment is to know we were not valued.
Resignation hits hard the soul of anyone who knows with the gravity of truth they were never valued. A certain spiritual death occurs, but not one that cannot be overcome. Such a revelation as coming face to face with such a horrendous truth can actually be liberation.
The greatest courage is in those who value others when they, themselves, are not valued.
The true leader is capable of the above, and they are commensurately inspiring.
The greatest hope of all is the eternal value God places on us through Jesus.
We have the esteem of God, pure and simple. We have the regard of God. Let it sink in. There’s nothing we can do to improve that situation. Feeling valued by God is our everything.
The greatest value is God’s affirming value.
No other esteem or regard comes close to the esteem and regard of our Creator.
People don’t value what we say until we value who they are.
We don’t value what people think until we know they value us.
The heart of the matter is this: feeling valued is central to our happiness, joy and contentment of life, because it provides life with all its meaning.
The meaning of life is understood when a life of meaning is undertaken.

© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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