Thursday, June 11, 2015

Seeing, Knowing, Accepting God’s Treasure Inside You

LEARNING to live our new life now is as much about seeing, knowing, and accepting God’s treasure that he’s already put inside us. It’s already there!
If we believe such a thing — that we are already equipped with much capacity for goodness — we are able to live such a thing out. In this way, most of what we believe is obligatory to our actual practice and enjoyment of life.
We become what we believe.
If we have the capacity to believe — which is as much a ruthless choice as it is something God does in us — we have the capacity to undergo the Spirit’s transformation. We will not bar, by our own negativity, the work that the Spirit desires to do in us.
To see as truth, to know by experience, and to therefore accept these treasures is just what all of us want. But will we go the extra mile and determine that these treasures are actually, in all truth, there?
There are far too many people interested in belonging right where they have been in life. The disciple’s life, however, is never about remaining satisfied with their status quo. If we are dogged by anger can we not believe that a more patient us resides within? If we are plagued by depression can we not believe that we don’t have to be characterised by depression forever? If we are harangued by fear can we not believe that we have the potential to break past our anxiety? If only we can name our nemesis, then we are aware and, so, are positioned to make a frontal assault on it.
We will never believe in our own good — the presence of the gifts God has given us — unless we are prepared to jettison our fear of authenticity.
It is a fear of authenticity, of honesty, and of courage, that hems us in. We worry what others might say about us if we back ourselves in. We get concerned that people close to us will think worse of us if we believe in our potential. Only the jealous types do that, and they are probably not the ones we should be playing close attention to.
It’s up to us.
What will we do with the lot that has been given us?
Will we take what we have, honestly evaluate it, and make of what we have for the best?
If we do such a thing as honestly look, so as to see, and find out, so as to know, and finally be rest assured, so as to accept, we will discover the treasures God’s placed within each of us.
Why do we criticise ourselves when we don’t as much commend ourselves?
Why do we hate on ourselves and allow others to hate on us?
When we see ourselves as worthy of love we more often find others are worthy of love.
God has done some amazing work in each of us. It’s time we started to believe in the story that is our life.
Better to believe God made us capable than believe God made others better.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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