Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When You Want to Give Up, Step Up

It’s frustrating when we know,
What we want to change,
When we’re desperate to grow,
And for life to rearrange.
‘How’ is about hope,
When you are ready to give in,
Harness faith alone to cope,
And soon enough you’ll grin.
The will and the way are two entirely different concepts, sometimes as far from each other as East is to West.
We have desires to change well before we are likely to achieve the change we seek to make.
A process must be entered into, and, before that, a vision and a plan that directs the look and feel of the process. Sometimes, too, we are so gifted the miracle of being able to do something we previously found impossible: deliverance by the Holy Spirit, alone.
The heart must catch up with the head. We have the idea – the concept comes firmly in mind – or the vision is so wonderful – but then the tenacity to do the thing abates before anything is done. What frustration!
The only thing we lack is resolve; to persevere; to be patient enough in holding onto the desire long enough to learn how God will work. With faith that suggests “God will work” and “God is entirely faithful” we bring an earnestness that Alcoholics Anonymous is famous for. It’s not as if we do it in our own strength, but we lend our surrender to the strength of the Spirit, and we find we can do almost anything.
If we do not let go of something we are drawn to we will certainly take hold of that which we currently don’t have. And when we want what God wants, and we want it enough, it shall certainly come in God’s good time.
When we are tested most, when we want to give up easiest, then we are opportune to step up, grin a little more with delight with our present calamity and go on into a space reserved for the children of God.
God has ordained that we get through the tests and trials and temptations that come against us; we join our faith with his. It’s as simple as that.
You may not have everything you need right now, but, if you hang in there, and work hard, at the right time everything that is good for your purpose will be put into your hand.
Don’t give up when you know what needs to change. God will give you ‘the how’ at the right time if you persevere.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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