Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rising to the Humble Love of Kindness

If you could argue a case for love – the type of love – that makes the biggest difference, what would it be? Without a second’s thought I’d say kindness:
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
— Sam Levenson (1911–1980)
What strikes me as weird in the above quote is kindness is something we give away, yet it’s something we receive in that very act. When we are kind, God is kind to us. When we go out of our way to help someone, there is something really sweet that takes place deep in our soul.
Kindness is a gift we give to others which gives back every time if our hearts are right. What is meant by that is this: real intended kindness is done for purely altruistic purposes. Real kindness is done without thought for a reward in return. In fact, real kindness will resist the reward if it won’t undignify anyone. In other words, some people will resist a reward in return no matter the cost, even if it means offending the person who wants to return a reward. But the person being authentically kind is genuinely seeking to bless other people indiscriminately. The less they receive in return, the more joy is elicited from within them to their outer being.
When it comes to our own satisfaction in life, can there be any better action than to help ourselves by helping others. A service mindset could be the secret to a life of purpose and meaning.
The kinder we can function in our external life, the more joy we will experience in our internal life.
Kindness is the type of love that rises above the vagaries of human emotion, whilst, simultaneously, being humble enough to be genuinely interested in serving in the simplest of ways.
If we will be kind, God will show us blessings beyond what’s reasonable. The Lord will use our kindness by transferring our desire to connect with people in menial ways to elevate us above the petty worldly concerns we often complain about (i.e. first world problems).
Through kindness we may rise out of a preoccupation for small-minded complaint long enough to see the broader expanse of life. Kindness, therefore, is a great blessing that helps us to see life through the lens of truth-filled perspective.
Being kind is the gift that gives back in the very act of giving.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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