Thursday, March 20, 2014

Forgiveness, Freedom, Power for Your Unique Path

When life is no longer about them and us,
When we decide to get off resentment’s bus,
When God’s imperative takes full view,
That’s when freedom’s power is new!
Letting go of the ugliness of past,
Forgetting what held us fast,
Coming toward love in all its light,
God and his grace in the fullness of sight.
As the dawning future takes glorious form,
As we decide this is to be our new norm,
God graces us with his Presence and power,
God’s freedom is experienced this very hour!
PATHS are the definitiveness of our lives.
Let that thought sink in for a few seconds. The significance is this: not one single other person has the path set before them as we do. God has set before us our experiences, our biology, our personalities, and our situational contexts. We can only live our lives.
But we are inclined to envy, because we want the glories of someone else’s path. We feel we are missing out. And what makes this worse is the fact of someone’s transgressing of us; suddenly there’s a blockage to getting even the things that are on our path.
But sometimes the path is not what we originally expected.
We can spend so much time fighting for one manifestation of path that we negate the natural flow of a path even more suited to us.
The most direct route to the path that God has anointed us for is through the forgetting of every barrier to freedom and real power.
Letting go of the resentments, the ugliness of past, those things that held us fast; a new thing begins. We entreat the glorious passage of love’s light that purges every hint of darkness.
We will often find practical difficulties in navigating a new path. Habits and entrenched ways of doing things, as well as the presence of our undeniable histories, hamper our efforts.
This is why we need God so much; to throw caution to the wind and sow fully into a freshened journey with our only hope for freedom and power.
God has a unique path for each of us; a path special and significant. It’s for us to determine that path; to draw away from comparison and envy and draw toward freedom and power in making our way. Forgiveness removes barriers so our identities may be crystallized in Christ, freeing and empowering us.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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