Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Willpower, the Desires of the Heart, and Other Transformations

BRINGING two worlds together in the one being is seen as the fruition of God’s will – heaven brought to earth.
When we bring our desires into relationship with the desires of God, then we will employ diligence and resolve to make changes that the Lord knows are in his divine will. We will ensure we do everything we can to make the change. And even if we should fail, we won’t stop trying to make the change God knows we need to make.
Bringing two worlds together – which is the will of God and our will – these both being ‘worlds of desire’ – we can achieve anything of the broader will of God. Reading this, we will probably agree that God desires only the best for us.
Imagine joining your will to God’s, and what might be achieved: the blessings purposed for us, lived out and enjoyed.
We might all laud the inspirational qualities of those who have ‘willpower’, always limiting ourselves from that sense of providence in our lives. No more!
We, too, can have this thing called willpower. Our wills have power when we align ourselves, and our desires, to the will of God, and divine desire.
Investing in the Cooperative Desires
God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, but he can only accede to our requests if our desires match his.
Taking a leap into the future – with desires joined – we can see vision of these cooperative desires in their outworking. This is strength to get to where we desire to go, and to sustain it for the long haul.
One very practical way of investing in the cooperative desires (ours with God’s) is the 30 Day/90 Day change phenomenon. Simply put, it takes 30 full days of consistent behaviour change to break a habit, and 90 full days of consistent behaviour change to create a new habit.
We can see that anything can be beaten if we have the resolve to last the 30 Day/90Day period. That’s how transformations are achieved. We may even call them miracles, for without the institution of the ability to reprogram our minds, a capacity God designed into us, we would not be able to sustain these transformations.
Change should be easy,
But so often it’s hard,
Simply, very simply,
You have to remain on guard.
Step one day at a time,
Keep simplicity as your friend,
And when you match your desires with God’s,
The desires of your heart will be yours in the end.
If our desire for change is higher than the desire to stay the same as we are, God will give us the power we need to make the change and to sustain it.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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