Sunday, December 29, 2013

One Thing That Makes Your Life Worth It

PEOPLE have very human experiences of life, which includes experiencing the whole gamut of emotions. Sometimes, however, the level and depth of the emotions is so terrible we might barely expect to survive them. Sometimes we might ask ourselves is our life worth living. We know that the sensible answer is always yes, but sometimes every sinew in us declares that the opposite is true, but we cannot go there. There, for a whole range of reasons, is forbidden ground. This is not to disparage those that go there; for them, and for their loved ones, there is only the most ardent sympathy ever knowable.
One thing that makes our lives worth it is we get out of life what we put into it.
Sure, we may have suffered various ignominies and indignities, but we have been granted life past these things, and even if we aren’t past the present censure we can draw on our experience to get past previous ones – our faith to survive melded with God’s faithfulness to deliver us at a time. We draw on times we got through.
One thing that makes our lives worth it is the love of God, for we can reciprocate and know that loving God is to make our lives worth living.
If we don’t know this love of God’s, how can we reciprocate? We must know it. We must experience it. And how else can we know or experience it other than to throw ourselves at the Lord’s feet?
If we surrender before him, promising to search high and low until we find what it is we so sorely need, we will not be disappointed; not ultimately.
If we put into our lives what we never have before, which is such a full-on commitment to the lives we were destined to live, God will give us that life. We have to be willing to settle for what is in God’s plan for our lives and nothing else. Only we are able to discern what God is doing from what he’s not doing.
One thing that makes your life worth it is the love in your life – that love of God’s that sought you, created you, and predestined you as a son or daughter of the King of kings.
One thing that makes your life worth it is you were created for a reason. Our role is to discover that passion and live it. Our lives are what we make of them.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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