Friday, May 3, 2013

Searching Out the Healer Within

“We are living in days where our wounds have become all too visible.”
— Henri Nouwen (1932–1996)
The danger in life stated above is a perennial danger; it has existed since the dawn of time. We would prefer to run our own game and avoid our healing.
It’s such a damning contrast to the original plan God set out for us. We do need God to continually remind us of the importance of Christian living, especially when we are so apt to become betrayers of God. We have become our own worst enemies when we take every route to healing but the one that works.
The only route to healing that works is truth: TRUTH.
What I determine the above quote to mean is this: in this age, where sinfulness reigns (oh but for a little time—with heaven on the horizon) our very wounds ingratiate and embarrass us by many forms of outward action: gossip, slander, anger, anxiousness, etc. These wounds are of emotional origin and they were instilled in us by many degrees of violating disorder (abuse and neglect), whether our loved ones knew it at the time or not.
The Opportunity of a Lifetime
But we have an opportunity in this age where self-control over emotional expression has such frustrating limits.
The opportunity we all have is to ambush the source of our wounds and reclaim the visibility of them. This we do by so respecting and adoring the truth that we commit ourselves to it with such regular ardency that we ensure it becomes best friend.
Truth is the objective and the focus of our process. The outcome then tends to be—by the factor of the amount of truth applied to our lives—that we are more comfortable within ourselves.
The source of truth within—all truth’s revelation—is the Holy Spirit. We have to search out the Healer within. And we do so by abiding in and with the truth.
This opportunity of a lifetime is to be healed by God’s Spirit, but that can’t occur unless we genuinely trust God. Many people call God their Saviour, but they do not go on into the fullness of their salvation. Let’s not ever make that mistake.
God desires that we all be healed, and we all need it. We enlist the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells us by abiding to all our truths—particularly the uncomfortable ones, the shameful ones, and the fearful ones. Healing makes all these more palatable and manageable. Only God’s Spirit can heal us.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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