Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Continuing On In the Godly Way

Challenges to our time, resources, progress and sanity come and go through our days. Some days are especially marred. Other days we efficiently get on with our God-willed work and there is nothing but strength. The other days are forgettable, lamentable, and despicable—or, at best, plain boring.
Yet God encourages us eternally with this battle charge:
“Stay with ME, and I will provide grace for your journey, peace for your presence, my Presence for your hope, and faith enough to secede the doubting.”
This is what I imagine God saying, urging us on, strengthening us by his Almighty voice that pervades all creation in the deafening sounds of silence.
Continuing on in the godly way is a noble task, yet many things of the world will interrupt such work at the very whiff of a divine undertaking. Tall poppies are slayed because they stand out. Yet we stand out in very ordinary and limited ways if God’s will is known. We would have nothing of the glory if we were to see the glory manifest in God.
Still, we must note, we are positioned and placed as comparative tall poppies—threats for many who are ruled by fear, whether within the church sheepfold or not.
Let us not be afraid, or even the slightest bit distracted, by the noises of the vocal minority as they intend to knock us sufficiently off course as to limit our effectiveness because of their reigning fear.
We are to continue on: humbly, patiently, quietly, gently, compassionately... unswervingly... as a friend to all, higher than ourselves.
Let’s consider ourselves slaves to God, servants of the Saviour who won us all at Calvary. When one is bought for a priceless sum, to be set free, eternally, then that one is won to such a freedom as to give their lives away so they might gain their very selves.
The more we give ourselves away, the more we reconcile the wondrous essence that abides within; the Holy Spirit who lives in us.
There are many and several discouragements every day; distractions intended to sway us from the good way. God’s will is met with all kinds of ungodly resistance. Ours is to see it; to acknowledge what must be done from what needn’t be done. Ours is to continue on the godly way, despite every raucous voice and inflated image to the contrary.
God says, “Stay with ME.”
It’s the Divine code and the very purpose of our existence.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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