Monday, March 11, 2013

The Genius In Simply Starting

“To get somewhere you have to start somewhere. The key is to start. No idea is ever good if you never try it.”
— Ron Wilbur
The genius in simply starting is well known to the diligent; to the responsible; to the innately faithful person. They have not been inherently blessed, most often, to be a self-starter; they worked on it. It took years to master.
They learned to spring out of bed, even in the dead of winter, and, though such an experience was implicitly lonely, they learned quite early on that God blesses the step of faith taken, whereby, we start.
To a worldly person, starting has a ‘magic’ about it. But a Christian won’t believe in magic. The Christian should believe that God blesses diligence—the industry to start.
The Industriousness of Starting
Starting may seem enchanting, mainly because there is a lot of fear, it seems, in doing something so simple. Yet we resist. There is a temptation to shirk the idea; to shrink within. But there is no blessing in doing nothing.
We can only be blessed in this life as we step forward in faith—and most of the time this involves simply starting, or, an equivalent idea, continuing.
When we have realised that God encourages us, even requires us, to step forward in action, obtaining the blessings of God—receiving them as they are destined for us—is as simple as stepping into the will of the Lord.
Many people are confused about the will of the Lord.
Now this idea, that has been blessed from the beginning, and is a major thesis of Proverbs’ Wisdom, is the idea of diligence; of industriousness.
Simply starting is considered genius because it is simple, yet it’s powerful, and altogether mystical to the world.
Many people are envious and jealous of the self-starter, for they don’t realise that success is cheap for no one. True success comes to the diligent self-starter, because it is God’s nature to bless the person who begins in good faith and has the faith to continue despite discouragement and frequent temptation to give up.
The best advice we can give to any person younger than us, or to any person, is to have the courage and creativity to start. Stepping forward in faith, trusting in the moment, is something that God loves to see and bless.
Being a self-starter is the blessed of all human competencies. Self-motivation is not a gift; it is rather learned through the raging furnace of discipline. If we truly wish to be blessed, we will be blessed to innovate by starting.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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