Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Strive Today, Conquer Tomorrow

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God!”
— Romans 8:14 (NRSV)
When a local Christian high school selects “Strive today, conquer tomorrow” as their motto, they might be said to be living hard after Romans chapter 8—a hope that transcends a seeming worldly defeat, in the most trying of circumstances, to victory.
This is because of the spiritual reality that Christ has already one for them.
The right flavour for life is one seasoned to the perfection of striving with the appropriate effort in order that tomorrow would look after itself.
That’s the gospel way. When we take Romans chapter 8 in the full glory of what it discusses, nothing can hold us back. Disregarding every stumbling block we encroach upon the territory, that, for which, God has already proclaimed as ours.
Strive Today
It’s all we can do. It’s all we need to do. Striving has about it the phenomenon of faith-enfolded effort. It’s not effort out of fear, but effort in faith for what God might already be doing.
It’s all God asks us to do. If we can strive with all our reasonable energy, and the capacities given us, we can maintain faith.
Striving today is simply honouring God by stepping forward. It’s all we can do. It’s all we need to do. And though it’s no easy thing, it certainly is simple—if we step decisively, committed to our way.
Striving today is not about burning ourselves out. It’s remaining focused so we don’t get distracted; swayed from the purpose of our anointing.
Conquer Tomorrow
As we strive, we have set up the ground to be conquered.
Striving is about process; conquering is about the outcome. Focus is needed for both, but conquering requires just a little more stamina.
As we strive we believe we can conquer. If we cannot believe, we cannot conquer. But if we believe, drawing on all the resources available to us, we will conquer if we don’t give up.
Faith is necessary in patiently waiting for the right time and circumstance in order to bring the greatest glory to God imaginable.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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