Friday, December 21, 2012

Wisdom, Courage, Acceptance

Wisdom is taking no unnecessary step. Courage is stepping out in faith when it is necessary. Acceptance is having the courage to allow the necessary into our lives.
Wisdom is having a part to play—and playing that role diligently and prudently—within the relationships we have been placed in. Courage is speaking the truth in love. Acceptance is the wisdom of taking people as they are, without conditions.
Wisdom is a balance between courage and acceptance. Courage is advised by wisdom to act when it is necessary to act. Acceptance is the wisdom of the divine when it is necessary to accept what we cannot change.
Wisdom, which is of God, is the secret to life. Out of wisdom comes the appropriate time and will for both courage and acceptance. Wisdom owns both courage and acceptance. Courage and acceptance, therefore, are of God. God is Wisdom.
Wisdom, courage, and acceptance work in the Trinity of Serenity. God is at the very centre. Jesus has authored and finished this construct for living life. These are the very portents of faith, and these operate within hope. The Holy Spirit supplies these three: wisdom, courage, and acceptance.
Wisdom is the appropriate delay to weigh action; the call of response. Courage is the definitiveness of action, whether by overt behaviour or by resolute inaction. Sometimes courage is not doing anything at all. This is where courage informs and fortifies acceptance. Acceptance borrows from courage and courage borrows from acceptance, and both work in unity reporting to wisdom.
Wisdom is that feeling of having been faithful as we recall times of diligent obedience. Courage is that feeling of resoluteness and the quickening of resolve. Acceptance is that feeling of peace for the things that cannot be changed. All three are vital, but what would we give for plain acceptance?
Wisdom is knowing that God is with us, in and about our decisions, notwithstanding how difficult they are. Courage is sticking by wisdom. It trusts wisdom. Acceptance also trusts wisdom. It cherishes the stillness of soul.
Wisdom is beautiful in its time. Courage is obligatory in its season. Acceptance makes life serene. All three together work with faith, hope, and love in bringing a bounty of God’s blessing into our lives.
Lord, give each one reading this their own reflections and wonderful resonance regarding wisdom, courage, and acceptance. Help us to accept the things we cannot change, give us the courage to change the things we can, and shower us with wisdom appropriate for our time and situation. AMEN.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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