Saturday, December 8, 2012

Leaving the Legacy of Integrity

“Integrity is a powerful force, keeping you alive to others long after you’ve left their presence.”
— Mollie Marti
We are more important within the motion of life than we ordinarily think we are. We are constantly being observed, whether we like it or not, and people are observing us whether they like it or not.
We leave a legacy whether we like it or not.
Ours is the choice as to the type of legacy we will leave. Is it to be a legacy defined by our own conceitedness, laziness, or drivenness to succeed? Or, is the legacy we will leave—now, within our interceding moments, and eternally—to be something of eternal worth?
All that is required is the direction of our effort, toward vice or virtue; will it be toward things of building up the kingdom of self or building up things of the Kingdom of God?
The Privilege of Choice
How is it that God loves us so much to give us the choice as to what legacy we will leave? And each moment we leave a legacy. Each moment we account for our actions by the memory instilled in others regarding our dispositions, actions and inaction toward them.
Each interaction is a holy determination, which ripples with resonance into eternity.
We have a choice how we act. Behind the action is our thinking. We have a choice how we will think. What we will think is up to us. And whatever we think will inform our actions. Whatever we think, also, will influence our feelings. And our feelings are powerful. All of what we are arrives post-partum of our vested thinking.
The privilege of choice is known by what we install within our hearts.
The privilege of choice—in choosing the destiny of our legacy—is worn at that most visceral level. Our decisions become our legacies. Our choices become those things we will account for, one day. Our choices become those things we will account for, today.
The Purpose of Life within Legacy
God puts air into our lungs, thoughts into our minds, and our spirit within our soul that we would glorify him in our being.
The purpose of life within the concept of legacy is to leave something of worth as a product of our experiences. Each experience, each event in life, is holy. Each is a gift of God. And each is an opportunity to leave a productive legacy.
The purpose of life is to grow toward God, to give him all we have, and to give others all we can reasonably give them. We invest in growth so we can leave a legacy.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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